Donaldson: informer and victim…

Anne Cadwallader on the likely turmoil of the informer, and a man that, by all accounts, few of his colleagues suspected as a British spy.

  • topdeckomnibus

    Is Anne Cadwallader naieve ?

    We don’t even know who was betraying whom in the wartime secret operations executive yet !

    At a guess MI6 Claude Marjorie Banks Dansey recruited, from Slaughter and May solicitors, Harry Sporborg. Harry joined SOE in order to betray them in order to establish credentials for MI6 double agents. But maybe Harry was really working in the nazi interest all along ……

    Before you can judge … you have to wait (hopefully for only a few decades) to work out who got shafted the most.

  • topdeckomnibus

    here is a question

    In 1972 the Scarman Tribunal Report published the Garland Plan of the IRA. The plan proposed to carry out industrial sabotage.

    Why then were UK Police never briefed on the Garland Plan ? Why was there never any trawl for information to screen industrial criminal damage incidents for political or terrorist motive ?

    Either someone in Security cocked up (and so did all his successors) or someone assessed that the threat would not materialize ?

    on this site

    you can read about a Law School seminar in which retired senior police admitted that they had never heard of Sean Garland. One of these retired senior police had been an anti terrorist specialist it seems.

    The information (Scarman Report) was public domain. He was not lying. He was never briefed beyond bomb and bullet.

    Why not ?

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  • Tadhgin

    Ann Caldwalder has a strange perspective on things. It is true that it might be difficult to see why Dennis Donaldson turned; what is pretty obvious is why MI5 might want to turn him (sort of goes with the job I’d have thought).

    The IRA have had their agents in various parts of the British State; this allegation is sort of what Stormontgate is all about. Is she saying that if it were true it would the worst thing the IRA could have done. Would it be worse than Enniskillen if the IRA had been able to get an RUC man to spy for them? Would it make her question the humanity of the IRA more than, well any number of atrocities?

    Spying is a part of war, and war is what the IRA set out to fight.

  • martin ingram


    Yes it did and lost.