Collusion: sauce for the gander?

Roy Garland points out that some of the credibility problem that Sinn Fein are suffering over the whole OTR issue arises from their own past positions:

Sinn Féin faces further difficulties because they shouted loudest about collusion. If it’s good for the goose it’s good for the gander also and collusion between the provos and elements of the security services – remember Alfredo Scappaticci – is still collusion. If it’s not collusion then loyalists never colluded – we can’t have it both ways.

He calls for an end to the ‘war by other means’, and for Republicans to prepare for the business of helping govern Northern Ireland:

It is time to stop blaming others and get real. Most genuine grievances have been addressed and it is time to stop acting as if the war must continue by other means. It is time for peace, for compassion and for new beginnings. The one whose birth we celebrate this week was no revolutionary but he challenged wickedness and corruption and paid the price himself rather than instigate a supposed liberation struggle that could victimise so many others.

  • micktvd

    If I read Roy Garland aright, he is suggesting, among other things that:

    (1) It’s no surprise (i.e. true) that Donaldson was a double agent and that the PIRA indeed had him also spying for them, and that SF must have known.

    (2)The machinations of elements within the security forces may indeed have brought down the Assembly, but this was understandable, given the intolerable actions of the PIRA at the time.

    (3) Donaldson’s actions amount to collusion between Republicans and the security forces.

    (4) Jesus was no revolutionary.

    I would like to know what others think but the first claim smacks of desperation and is in severe need of Occam’s Razor (

    Claim 2 is really quite outrageous and clearly claim (3) flows from claim (1).

    Claim 4 is his best effort, and the current Pope would, no doubt agree with him. I prefer murdered Archbishop Romero’s view on this one though. (