As above, so below…

The Irish Government has said that if the proposed British OTR legislation fails or is withdrawn, they will withdraw their own plans to grant pardons to all those on the run from justice in the Republic. Having just got through the committee stage in the Commons, there is little likelihood of the legislation being withdrawn before it passes on the Lords where the opposition is thought to be substantial.

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  • Pete Baker

    The most important implication of SF’s public statement of opposition, Mick, is that the British Government’s only argument in support of the NI Offences Bill has gone.

    In the Commons Hain argued that, although distasteful, it had to be done because it had been agreed with SF.

    Not now.

  • Alan

    Very Kabbalistic!

  • heck

    the way the government is pushing this legislation–in opposition to ALL northern Ireland political parties convinces me that Blair and his crew are fully aware that the “security services” have been involved in all manner of criminal activity.

    Adams’ claim that this is the work of “securotats” acting independent of the government is absurd.

    This bill is the LABOUR GOVERNMENTS’ way to avoid futher embarrisments over collusion and murder.