New generator for Strangford Narrows…

Anyone who has used the car ferry to cross the mouth of Strangford Lough will have some inkling as to the power of the tide as it goes out through the narrows. Marine Current Turbines are to establish a generator there next year. It’s the first working type in the world with prototypes in the Bristol Channel and another planned for the East River in New York. Richard Sherriff in the Newsletter picks up the story.

  • eranu

    saw this on the news. it looks great, but it will make mince meat out of any seals that happen to get too close !

  • Mick Fealty

    The company says that with the blades expected to shift at 13 revolutions per minute, the seals should be okay.

  • seabhac siulach

    Not wanting to be negative but you would need 1000 of these (1000 Kw) turbines to replace a single typical nuclear power station (~1000 Mw)…

    Not sure which would be more friendly to the seals in the long run, though!

  • DK


    Actually a nuclear power stations can get as high as 8000 mw. Republic of Irelands max power needs are about 4000 mw, so you would need about 4000 of them for ROI. Wind turbines are much better – I think some can get to 10 mw each!

  • Crataegus

    If it is energy that you are interested in the obvious thing to do at Portaferry is build a barrage across the narrows with a road on top, but that would have serious consequences for the natural habitats in Strangford Lough. Hard choices as they say.

    Good to see this and I hope it is a success as the potential for tidal and ocean currents is enormous but a difficult engineering environment. This is a long term project.

    We could produce a lot of energy very quickly with Hydro (even multiple small scale) and it’s a known technology. We need to move a lot quicker on producing our own energy.