Ingram on air…

On Today FM Matt Cooper has interviews with Anthony McIntyre and Martin Ingram after six. You can pick it up on line here. Or if you missed it, the sound file is here

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  • I find it incredible that people like Martin Ingram are continually asked about British informants within the inner councils of the Provos – what they understandably decline to answer for a variety of reasons – when there is a good bit of evidence around about who they might be.

    For example, in Simon Hayward’s autobiography Under Fire: My Own Story, he discusses a leading PIRA operator called DUKE,working out of Ibiza and Gib in March 1987 when its crucial arms shipment on the Eksund from Libya was in the offing.

    Hayward, apparently aka as Captain James Rennie, Ops Officer of the 14 Intelligence Company’s South Detachment, was there, it seems, to stop the operation, but he was set up on a drugs smuggling charge in Sweden by other operatives sounding like the FRU’s Sergeant Margaret Walshaw, Brian Nelson and, of course, DUKE. One can only wonder why the British were so eager to dispose of Hayward.

    About DUKE, Hayward wrote: “He was small, about five foot seven, slim and wiry, in his late thirties or early forties. His hair was blond to gingerish, and on this occasion he was clean-shaven, although I remembered a beard from our previous meeting. When he spoke his accent was soft Irish, probably originating from the Republic.” (p. 59)

    Now who could this person be, as he is obviously an important double agent who, along with Walshaw, made sure that Hayward was sentenced to five years in prison for drug trafficking here?

    Shortly after Hayward got out of prison in September 1989, he became almost impossible to track down, apparently even adopting a new persona, because he is just as hot an item as DUKE.

    They both could shed a good deal of light on the assassinations of Francisco Notarantonio,John McMichael,James Pratt Craig, Pat Finucane, and Joe Fenton.