How Donaldson sorted goats from sheep

Suzanne Breen with a fascinating article from Martin Galvin, in which he outlines the way Donaldson systematically cut out certain elements of the US fundraising effort for the Republican movement.

  • Alan

    It is widely believed in security and unionist political circles that Donaldson was sacrificed by his British handlers to protect a more important mole who is both a senior Sinn Féin and IRA figure.

    Any one care to guess who?

  • Alan

    That Alan is not this Alan – if you know what Alan means.

    I think that quessing games should all be packaged up awaiting distribution by Santa Nick on this one.

  • efinto

    It’s your ma, Alan!

    Seriously though – loose talk costs lives – so don’t speculate.

    Also note the use of the phrase ‘it’s widely believed in security and unionist political circles’. This does not mean that it’s true

  • Alan -2-

    ‘Sorry Alan – ‘didn’t want to cause any confusion!

    You’ve got to admit though, the guessing game is good fun though isn’t it? I think if you’re in the game you can expect to be tackled so-to-speak.

    Any one care to guess who?

  • Alan, we have an Alan 2 too. Best not to guess, since I’d be obliged to take it off again. Since I’m the only one moderating these days, I might even be forced to simply ban any repeated attempts to guess names.

  • AnotherGuy CalledAlan

    My apologies Mick!

    I thought it would be a bit of fun given it’s what everyone is thinking! It’s the number one conversation heard around many a bar stool at the moment. THough it is sad it can’t take place here on the grounds of reported speech” and opinion

    Doubtless it will all come out in the wash!

  • steve48

    The view from west belfast would appear to be that they always assumed they had been infiltrated anyway and that more is to come.

  • The Devil


    Loose talk costs lives….?

    Why who would kill them, are the PIRA not fully wound up and totally committed to peaceful means only, or do you know differently.

    What would they kill them with because they have supposed to have given up all their weapons, or do you know differently.

    They can’t stab them in a bar like Robert McCartney because PIRA don’t do drunken animalistic attacks, or do you know differently.

    They can’t beat them to a pulp and then run over them like Eamon Collins because the PIRA don’t do hit and runs, or do you know differently.

    I think we should just differ on wether you know

  • elfinto

    The Devil

    Irregardless of the current state of inactivity of the Provos, the fact remains that ‘touting can seriously damage your health’.

    Anyone whose relative was killed by the nutting squad has a motive to kill Scap, anyone who knew Denis Donaldson and did time in jail has a motive to kill him.

    I don’t know why you are insinuating that I have inside knowledge – I don’t. I am just stating something which is patently obvious to anyone with a modicum of intelligence. there is no need to resort to slander tactics – you are obviously a member of the DUP?