Feeney getting out of Ireland

THe Sunday Business Post reports that Chuck Feeney is withdraw from any further person involvement in Ireland, though his charity Atlantic Philanthropies will continue with their operations there.

  • Pete Baker

    Well, if Atlantic Philanthropies is going to continue its involvement then Chuck Feeney is far from ending his involvement.. Wasn’t it AP, and not Chuck Feeney personally, funding the CPI?

    Of course the current tranche of funding for CRJ Ireland et al ends this coming year.. but they had objectives to reach.

    And I seem to recall a recent article, it may have been in the Irish Echo, of Chuck Feeney’s increased involvement in an Irish/American interest group?

  • Susan

    Pete, you are thinking of the newly formed, New York based Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform. Irish Voice publisher Niall O’Dowd is the chairman, and Chuck Feeney is on the advisory board.

    Here is a link:


  • Pete Baker

    That is the body I had half-remembered, Susan. And it is an indication that the report, in the SBP, is somewhat flawed.

  • McDowell shows Feeney a file and Feeney stops the Letter from America to CPI


    suspends all contact with Ireland.

    So Sluggiepoos, if that republican rag can be believed, what cooled the personal adore that Mr. Feeney had for the Emerald Isle? Did the hick politician’s antics gag the maggot?


    Could it have been the name was on the file that McDowell really showed to Feeney?

    Was it Connolly or was it Feeney?

  • pakman

    I have to say I’m somewhat crestfallen – from the headline I thought you meant Brian.

  • Curious

    Likewise Pakman – wishful thinking