Cui Bono?

Brian Feeney has a bunch of interesting questions on the Stormontgate affair:

Did the PSNI and MI5 use Donaldson as an agent provocateur and, if so, to what extent?

Did they use him to feed certain files to Sinn Féin? Did they plant certain inaccurate material for him to pass on?

To what extent were they trying to steer Sinn Féin’s political agenda, its reaction to certain political developments, by passing selected information?

Another difficult question for Sinn Féin. How many more traitors in their midst? How were the police sure enough that Donaldson was going to be exposed to tell him earlier this week? Have they someone in, or senior to, the republican investigating team?

More serious questions. Did the proconsul for the time being, John Reid, know MI5 were running a spying operation against Sinn Féin? Did the director of intelligence and security at the NIO? If so, did he tell Reid? If not, why not?

If Reid knew, why did he let the police bring down the powersharing executive when there was never any chance of bringing a successful prosecution?

If he didn’t know, then the security services are running the north and deciding the fate of its political institutions.

What does it do for the odds on an executive in 2006? Who does that suit? Not nationalists.

Finally he asks who benefitted from the collapse of Stormontgate?