Adams backs Unionist calls for inquiry

Someone at Sevastapol Street has done their SWOT analysis. Martin McGuinness handled a set piece interview on Morning Ireland with a natural brio that’s been missing from recent performances. His colleague, Gerry Adams, is due to meet Peter Hain this morning. Both men seem to be agreeing with Unionist calls for an inquiry into the whole Stormontgate affair.

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  • Henry94

    I think the only reason Sinn Fein are calling for an enquiry is because inferences were being drawn (wrongly) from them not calling for one.

    They know that any enquiry will be aimed at kicking this into the long grass rather than getting at the truth.

    This is a political issue not a security or legal one. The DUP should meet Sinn Fein as soon as possible. It’s time to either get serious or face the fact that we can’t

  • Pete Baker

    McGuinness saying that he doesn’t have a problem with an inquiry falls short of actually calling for one to take place.

    It is however a shift in emphasis from his previous comment, over the weekend when he was saying – “What would a public inquiry achieve?”


    Public inquiries are a waste of space.

    If the government has something to hide, they won’t grant one, end of story.
    If they grant one, you can be sure it will have nothing to find.

    I’m all for that other method of bringing things to light, namely getting a few moles withi the organisation to leak the real story to the resy of us.

  • BogExile

    Well, I haven’t stopped laughing all weekend. This could only happen in the New Labour wonderland.

    Here was I thinking paranoidly that HMG was pursuing a strategy to alienate unionism so far from their Britishness by appeasing Shinners that a UI became the least worst option. But those clever people in the NIO were in reality creating the circumstances for the complete implosion of ‘peace process’ Republicanism and a return to the well loved armalite. In all probability this cnflict will be offered as a PFI contract by New Labour which will then meet the commercial concerns for the private security contractors who will soon be out of a job in Bagdhad. Why not, it’s as plausible as any other theory

    The Republic can’t afford us, the Mainland doesn’t want us and nobody knows who anybody is for sure anymore in the statelet.

    I wonder if the Priory clinic accepts whole country referrals.

  • elfinto

    LoL, but I decry the partitionist logic in the last sentence!

  • Crataegus

    I am glad that this is now SF’s decision. It is the right thing to do for us all and for them.


    “Public inquiries are a waste of space. If the government has something to hide, they won’t grant one, end of story. If they grant one, you can be sure it will have nothing to find. “

    If they don’t grant one then it reinforces the message that their have things to hide. The PSNI go on a raid, we are told to break up a SF spying operation and in the process we out one of our own agents and bring down the Assembly.

    Several possibilities spring to mind. PSNI or intelligence screw up in which case if I were in government I would want to know, who, where and why and there would be hell to pay. However it may have been as the result of some attempt at political engineering in which case expect prevarication.

    If they grant one, don’t be so sure that nothing will be found. The more people involved, the more bits of paper, and the longer this goes on the greater the difficulty to keep a lid on it. We will need the inquiry to keep the slow burner fuelled.

    I think this is one where we need to take all measures possible to obtain answers ASAP. Too many people have been besmirched and difficult to make progress on policing or political progress with this waiting in the wings.