The Informer scooped…

It’s hard to describe exactly what the term informer means to the average Northern nationalist: or at least those of a certain age. That John Ford won his first batch of four Oscar’s (preview, mid screen) for a 1935 film of the same name, gives some impression of the emotional impact of the term in home territory. Liam Clarke casts Donaldson as the double agent who brought ‘Larry the Chief’ into play.

  • Betty Boo

    “The SDLP is suggesting that Adams should resign. Eddie Espie, the party’s vice-chairman, said: “Only a few days ago, Adams was happy to appear alongside Donaldson on the steps of Stormont. Now it transpires that Adams was singing the praises of an arch-British agent. The buck stops with him. The only option now open is for Adams to resign.”

    Yes he did appear beside him a week ago but support for the new police service is called under question as it has been for quite some time although very much left to itself. It seems a wee bit off under the circumstances to asked for Mr. Adams resignation, if he at worst was clueless about being spied on or knowing and not telling. It is like trying to kill the recipient instead of the messenger ( never mind the sender). Bizarre times indeed.