Against the disclosure of police files…

Vincent Browne accepts Kevin Myers point last week that journalism does not have to follow due process. But he goes on to argue that Garda material should not be released into the public domain because its veracity outside the courtroom or tribunal is potentially misleading.

  • seabhac siulach

    Journalism does not have to follow due process…but then it IS subject to libel laws…something prejudicial statements in the Dail under privilege are not. Neither follow due process but they are not comparable. A journalist must (legally) stand over what has been written, McDowell does not have to…
    Hence the injustice.

    Comparing Dail privilege to journalism is fatuous…
    mere sophistry to hide an outrageous injustice.

  • Henry94

    The Suday Independent (Eoughan Harris and Declan Lynch in particular) were acusing anybody who questioned McDowell on this as being complicit with Sinn Fein’s secreat plan to take over the state.

    Harris in particular was trying to scare Fine Gael into silence by predicting they will lose the next election because of it.

    After Twink at the Ard Fheis I doubt there are many left in Fine Geal who think Harris is a political guru but it is still worth recalling his prediction that Moby Dick would stop Mary McAleese from winning.

    It’s clever enough however because FG won’t win anyway. Then Harris will try to convince them why.

    The test for the Sindo theory in my view will be the prospects of their two anti-republican picks brian Hayes and John Minihane.