CIRA – making even Willie Frazer look good…

DAILY Ireland reports that Continuity IRA is planning to disrupt a rally organised by loyalist Love Ulster campaigners in Dublin. Just as some loyalists adopt typically republican tactics, other republicans plump for the usual loyalist response. So could loyalism finally win its first public relations victory?

  • seabhac siulach

    According to other reports the CIRA have also threatened to start killing all drug dealers and ‘anti-social elements’ unless they leave the country in 24 hours.
    Probably related to the bomb find on the M50 last week…

    That ‘Love Ulster’ march, if allowed to take place, looks like it is going to lead to a little bit of the 6 countie’s ‘troubles’ coming to Dublin…
    It will be a PR disaster for both sides, if so. Not that I think the CIRA cares much for PR. It will merely reinforce southerners views that all Northerners are irreformably wedded to violence.

  • Brian Boru

    Seabhac that is not our view of all northerners. Also, RSF is probably a mainly Southern organisation.

  • Brian Boru

    And it was nowhere near 30,000 in the previous ‘Love Ulster’ march. More like 5,000. But let them have their day. RSF should back off. Troublemaking will only reinforce the anti-Catholic bigotry of sections of Loyalism, and allow them to portray the South as a “cold house for Protestants”.

  • Looney

    Will it be Ok for me to march with me 9 county ulster flag ?

  • Nationalist

    Maybe RSF should take a leaf out of Willies Book and organise a parade from Ligoniel to Belfast City Centre via the Crumlin Road to Ardoyne in order protest about the Government giving in to the DUP and appointing 2 of the Orange Orders high profile members onto the Parades Body given that the same organisation has had a number of members who have been responsible for the Murder of INNOCENT CATHOLICS – members who’s lives and deeds the Orange Order now celebrate in their parades and banners!!!

    Obviously the oh so “tolerant” Unionist people will have no problem with Nationalists Parading past a small number of Unionist homes and length of road, similar to that that they always demand on walking past at Ardoyne. Or is their demands for “Equality for Protestants” not actually equality with Catholics but just a sound good line for the world media?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Ah, come on. You’re telling me that politicians here arrange confrontations, then play victim to the camera afterwards?

    I don’t believe you…!

  • Dualta

    This is evidence, if any was ever needed, that there is a dirth of political savvy in the traditional Republican factions.

    This move by the CIRA merely demonstrates the inherent bigotry that has crippled the Republican project from its outset.

  • Henry94 are reporting that Sinn Fein have expelled one of the Stormontgate Three.

  • Dualta

    That blanked out work reads b-i-g-o-t-ry.

  • Henry94

    “One of three me acquitted in Belfast last week of charges relating to an alleged spy ring at Stormont has been expelled by Sinn Féin, the party confirmed today.

    In a dramatic development, the party confirmed that Sinn Féin’s head of administration at Stormont, Denis Donaldson, was expelled last night.”

  • Baluba

    I can’t wait for this parade. The craic’ll be ninety. The boul’ Willie marching on through Dublin with loads of bemused people going about their business thinking ‘why could you possibly be arsed?’

    Will anyone take much notice except that the traffic gets worse (if possible).

    Don’t forget to stop off for a pint while your there lads, you may love Ulster, but there’s no doubt the best Guinness is to be had in Dublinium!

  • Well , if ‘Daily Ireland’ says it , then it must be true .
    They were spot-on re their ‘forecast’ of a ‘coup’ at last month’s RSF Ard Fheis in Dublin . Yessir – they have the inside track re ‘dissident’ Republicans …

    Sharon .