Calling Newry and South Armagh

Hear from your MP Now has at least one subscriber in every westminster constituency in the UK, EXCEPT Conor Murphy’s constituency in Newry & Armagh. If you’d like to hear from Conor, then sign up now! Alternatively, you may choose to wear your constituency’s abstention as a proud badge of a long Irish tradition of political dissention.

  • I’m a nationalist from Newry and Armagh. What exactly would we want to hear from Murphy? The latest info on what they’re passing to the Brits?

  • Conor2

    I too am from Newry&Armagh and have noticed that Conor Murphy only ever wants to moan about the helicopters. In the New Year things are due to change and I’m not sure what he will do then. But to be fair, Conor is a hard working MP, the sympathetic local press have many articles featuring the many functions he attends just long enough to get his photograph taken.

  • “the sympathetic local press”

    LOL, you have to be joking

    The editor of the local paper in South Armagh is SDLP to the core!

    Conor is an excellent MP, unlike “Mr 4,000 votes” who is never seen at all.

    The people elected him lads and will re-elect him, get over it!

  • As much I dont like a lot of his politics, I am willing to hear what Mr Murphy has to say. So now we play the waiting game. Ah the waiting game sucks lets play hungry hungry hippos

  • “Conor is an excellent MP”

    Yeah right, considering he doesn’t even bother sitting in the parliament he was elected to.

    And who exactly is Mr. 4000 votes?

    And can you tell me what exactly Pat O’Rawe has done since being elected? Most Newry and Armagh residents don’t even know if Pat is a man or a woman! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the blessed Pat say anything in the Examiner (or indeed the Reporter or Democrat).

  • PS

    I must say that SDLP members trying to accuse other parties of being lazy does have an sort of ironic twist to it. The reason Pat wouldn’t be in either of those papers much is that she focuses on the Armagh city and hinterland part of the constituency, an area which neither of those papers cover. Its great for SF to have more than one MAL in NEwry & Armagh. 🙂

  • J Kelly

    El mat i thought you of all people would have realised that political activism and representation is not about how many statements you can have in the media. It must also be good for you to have the future president of Sinn Fein as your MP.

  • Hmm PS why then have I not heard of her nor have any of many of family many of who voted for her

  • Conor2

    Chris Gaskin

    .“Conor is an excellent MP”

    Now that is truly laughable! He has made a career out of complaining about helicopters!

    ” The people elected him lads and will re-elect him”

    Wasn’t it Conor who failed to secure a place for himself on the Council!?! He asked the people once for their vote and they NO. After the SF Spin Machine was called in to work on the then soon to be replaced” Seamus Mallon, he asked a second time and got in. Conor needs to be careful cos the voters might say NO to him again!

    As for the Press in Newry, they are most definitely in the SF Pocket! I hear that sales for the Democrat have been falling despite their ludicrously large supplements! After handling both it and the Reporter you needn’t be surprised if your fingers are filthy and I don’t mean with the colour of the ink.

  • D’Oracle

    Newry & Armagh -I salute your indefatigability

  • Sean Og

    Really D’Oracle?

    Newry&Armagh can be quite tiresome!

  • It must also be good for you to have the future president of Sinn Fein as your MP.

    Correct John

  • Conor2

    Chris Gaskin

    It is interesting to note that, like all SF sycophants, you choose to ignore the facts you would rather forget.

    As a failed council candidate, Conor Murphy knows his SF enhanced popularity is not ensured.

    Is that the dog I hear barking at the door?

  • Bessbrook Blue

    I have been at three different functions in Newry where I have observed Conor Murphy arrive, shake hands with organisers, be handed a drink, give a short speech praising people for their hard work, pose for group pictures and then leave. On each occasion this has not lasted more than thirty minutes.

    Is this just par for the course with politicians? Do they all just want to be seen “out and about” and involved with everything but the crib?

    Finally, my sister-in-law has tried to contact him personally six times but can not get hold of him. She gave up when someone in his office told her she couldn’t speak to him because he was over in London at Westminster!

  • TonyDown

    Conor Murphy is just the same as Seamus mallon was, always in the paper, on the TV but never in his office where you can contact him.

    Politicians are all the same – just looking out for themselves.

  • “It is interesting to note that, like all SF sycophants, you”

    I am not a sycophant, I happen to know Conor and as a member of his constiuency and a Republican activist I am fully aware of the work he does.

    To think you would stoop so low as to accuse me of sycophantcy.

    This crap about Conor being a failed politican is hilarious.

    At said council election we entered the election with 2 councillors in the Newry Town ward, after the election we had 3 councillors.

    Conor has been elected to the assembly twice and has wiped the floor with Bradley.

    Stop being a sore loser!

  • Conor2

    I have read your current postings and others posted elsewhere on this site and it is clear for all who have eyes. Your apparent blind acceptance of anything that is issued from the SF spin machine shows you to be politically gullible and naïve. Ireland doesn’t need that type of Republicanism.

    It is obvious Conor couldn’t get on to the Council because people didn’t like him and/or didn’t trust him. Good for him he was elected as MP (it’s not like he had a difficult fight on his hands there!) I know Newry well enough to it takes more than few smiles around Barcroft and the Demcrat on your side to keep your seat!


    As a South Armagh constituent of Conor’s I’m disappointed that no one has yet commented on His two greatest triumphs since being elected.

    1. His first major campaign – to protest Slab Murphy’s innocence when the CAB caught up with the provo’s Manchester property portfolio

    2. His first major press conference outside the Commons – to welcome the OTR legislation that will bring his old pals home and let state killers off the hoook. (On reflection, given recent revelations, could State killers now qualify for ‘comrade’ status? Just a thought)

    An excellent record to be sure.

  • Searcher

    I too tried to contact Conor Murphy to seek his support but he canelled the meeting twice, once in August and then again in September.

    Some people don’t like to talking to the office staff. One of his staff told me they would contact me when he was available. I’m still waiting.

  • Dualta

    Bessbrook Blue wrote:

    [i]I have been at three different functions in Newry where I have observed Conor Murphy arrive, shake hands with organisers, be handed a drink, give a short speech praising people for their hard work, pose for group pictures and then leave. On each occasion this has not lasted more than thirty minutes.[/i]

    He’s a politican, what do you expect? If Sinners are running around behaving like the rest of them then you can rest assured that the war is well and truly over.

    I’ve been around a few in my time and I’ve witnessed the most cynical self-promotion imaginable.

    In saying that, if Murphy was to be the next president of Sinn Fein then I could think of many worse.

  • amused

    “In saying that, if Murphy was to be the next president of Sinn Fein then I could think of many worse.”

    nah, adams is like paisley, he’ll remain head honcho until the day he drops

  • Conor 2,

    If you know Newry well enough, then you definitely aint showing it!! At this years election, Conor secured 20,965 votes to your party’s 12,770. A massive majority of over 9,000 in a seat held by the SDLP for donkey’s years. I’d say its previous obvious that people not only trust Conor but like him as well. I’ll give you 100/1 on the SDLP reclaiming this seat at any time while Murphy stands in this constituency. PS In the meanwhile. I’ll send you a Newry tourist guide so you can get to know the place a bit better…

  • Conor2


    your SDLP rant has been disregarded. You clearly have a problem with them in Newry that i don’t share nor am I interested in.

    Spot the SF sycophant! If all else fails, there’s lies, damm lies and SF spinning stats….

    people not only trust Conor but like him as well

    …now who’s kidding themselves!?! Try stepping out of that little world you’ve wrapped yourself in and you’ll see he’s not that well liked at all, especially in and around Newry, Bessbrook, Camlough. Given that Mallon’s seat was there for the taking, I believe Conor and his team were disappointed with the result, expecting a higher turn out and a stronger endorsement.

    Ask yourself, if he’s so popular and much liked, why then did he fail to get on the Council!?! He secured the MP seat with strong editorial support and little to no opposition. That doesn’t add up to a much liked, popular MP as SF would like us to think!

    I normally don’t make predictions but I won’t be surprised if , at some point in the future, Muphy is dropped and replaced with a better ‘man o’the people’ type. Despite the investment SF have made in promoting him they must be disappointed. They must cringe when he start on about helicopters again.

  • PS

    For those worrying that Pat has been idle, here’s just one example of what she’s been up to.

    Sinn Féin Spokesperson for Women and Older People, Pat O’Rawe MLA, is set to press the Direct Rule Minister for Social Development, David Hanson, on the funding crisis in the womens’ sector.

    Speaking before tomorrow’s meeting at Stormont Castle, Ms O’Rawe said:

    “Tomorrow, a strong delegation of women, including myself and party colleague Kathy Stanton MLA, will meet the minister to emphasise the urgent need for mainstream funding of womens’ organisations. For far too long, successive direct rule ministers have used a stopgap approach to funding which has had negative effects on the invaluable services that womens’ groups and organisations provide in training, in helping women back to work and in providing childcare and support.”

    “Our delegation,” continued Ms O’Rawe, “also includes representatives from the womens’ sector who will have the opportunity to challenge the minister directly on the British government’s poor track record in providing adequate support and resources for women, particularly women in rural areas.”

    “Sinn Féin is totally committed to working at the highest levels in demanding that the British government faces up its responsibilities to ensure that women are no longer discriminated against. We will be pressing the British government today to work, on a cross-departmental basis, to put in place a substantial mainstream funding package for the entire womens’ sector”.

  • Young Fogey

    She’s been up to… lobbying on behalf of a few parasitic ‘voluntary sector’ orgnaisations, trying to convince the government to waste money providing jobs for the girls. Jobs for middle-class girls which do damn all for the large number of women working in demanding jobs for the minimum wage.

    No thought of course, as to what that would mean taking money away from, let alone how to pay for it.

    Wish she’d stayed idle.