Bank accused bailed…

Dominic McAvoy from Kilcoo has been granted bail. He has attracted some heavy hitters to support his case including the Down GAA manager Paddy O’Rourke.

  • Pete Baker

    Heavy hitters with deep pockets, Mick.. I think they posted sureties of £50,000 each.

  • Henry94

    The odds must have shortened today on the PNSI themselves being responsible for the bank robbery.

    If thy were responsible for the Stormont spy-ring then anything is possible.

  • jim

    Was he not bailed last week ?

  • James Campbell

    Believe nothing……….

  • finn69

    you only need to prove you can stump up 50k, ie owning a house worth more than 50k will do nicely.
    but i’m confused, when the robbery happened, the police, media, various expects etc all stated that only the ira had the professionalism to pull it off, now they’ve arrested someone for not only leaving a hat outside the house covered in dna, but also with a postit note with a telephone number on it, hello this actually sounds quite amaturish. i’m also interested to know how the phones were blocked to only one number, any phone with a keypad, signal and power will dial 999

  • sam

    Representatives of the SDLP were also in attendance during the bail hearing, in support of the accused.

  • elfinto

    The raid was an MI5 job.