Anger over Sharma killer’s sentence…

DESPITE describing Brij Sharma as “a Paki bastard”, Stephen Darren McGlone was not judged to have been racially motivated when he killed the popular shopkeeper. Sharma’s family are distraught at this news, as well as the 17-month sentence handed out to McGlone for manslaughter. It has prompted Suneil Sharma (no relation) – a former Commissioner for Racial Equality and current Policing Board member – to question if the courts and police are pushing the issue of racially motivated crime.

  • Imagine if Mr Sharma had been called Sean Reilly or Billy Wilson and had been killed with the murderer stating that he was only a Fenian/Orange bastard”. The media would have gone into overdrive and political parties from one side or the other would have been falling over themselves issuing condemnations.

    As it is, well, he’s only an Asian isn’t he, so who cares?

    Certainly no one enough to comment yet on this thread.

  • concerned

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  • I don’t accept the reasoning behind having a category for “racially motivated crime” except as a means of targeting police resources as there may be specific implications for investigating them. However as an means of judging the serious of the crime, I consider it devisive. It is not more or less acceptable a motivation for murder than any other.

    That said, if I was a member of the victims family I would imagine that I would be distraught at the sentence. As just a UK citizen, I am unhappy at yet another example of how cheap life is considered.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Could someone delete that post by “concerned” before I get sick and the credibility of this site takes a total nose-dive ?

  • I’m with Comrade.

  • concerned

    obviously the truth hurts, why was this married father of two not with his wife and children ?

  • There are lots of reasons why any married father of two is not with his wife and family. What ever they might be is probably not best discussed here. There are more fruitful areas for discussion, e.g. the issue of having a category of “racially motivated crime” and the wider implications of this, plus how a crime can be judged to fit the criteria and the implications

  • c

    again, this incident was not racially motivated.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Concerned, you’re slandering the dead and it’s outrageous. You can’t even be bothered to provide evidence. Was this man wanted by the police ?

  • Comrade Stalin

    BTW, thanks to the moderators for the quick and correct decision there.

    concerned, are you with your wife/family at the moment ? If not, clearly you must be a dealer. I’m calling the police. Hopefully you’ll go to jail.

  • Parvez Mohammed

    “Mr Mateer said that while Mark Mc-Glone later described Mr Sharma as “only a Paki b*****d”, the prosecution could not make the case that the assault had been racially motivated.”

    The next time I visit my lover and someone calls me a Paki b*****d and punches me in the head, I’ll know there isn’t a racist motive.

    Thanks NI courts for clearing that one up.

  • No Parvez you won’t know that there isn’t a racist motive for it, you just don’t know that there is.

    If someone thumped me and in the process called me an Orange *******, it may be due to a sectarian motive or it could be that he had just found out that I’d burgled his house and that that was his motivation.

    BTW I am not making any comment on the charter of the victim in this case, just arguing the case that racial/sectarian motivation is not proved by the use of racial/sectarian insults.



    I understand the logic of your argument, but still that that using such an epithet and then immediately following it with violence means that it ought to be up to the person involved to prove that they weren’t racially motivated.
    I simply cannot think of a single instance in which such language can be used aggresively without some form of sectarian/racist bias on the part of the perpetrator.
    The use of the language in this particular context is absolute proof positive of racial bias on the part of the person who uttered the words.