Journalists against disclosure…

Myers sees things a little differently (sub needed):

Citing Garda intelligence, Michael McDowell has connected him to a plot by the IRA to provide Colombian guerrillas with information on the use of explosives in return for cash. This is the same Sinn Féin-IRA which in the 1980s ordered its agents to begin the long-term subversion of Irish institutions, and the secret implementation of the Sinn Féin-IRA agenda. In this task, they have also had the unwitting assistance of those useful lefty-idiots that totalitarian revolutionary movements have always manipulated in order to destroy their host-democracies.

He condemns what for him is the extraordinary sight of journalists actively not seeking disclosure – the stock in trade for the press of a free society.

For journalists either seek the truth or we do not; if we do not seek the truth at all times in all circumstances, if we seek to conceal it beneath the folderol of “due process” then we are betraying a cardinal rule of our trade, and we do so either because we are political comrades of Frank Connolly, or because we are voguish imbeciles. No other explanation is possible. So when you read of journalists condemning the Minister you must make your mind up: dupe or mole.

He questions the use of the ‘magic forensic device’ of due process:

Let us now dispose of the fiction of “due process”. Frank Connolly did not use such “due process” to make revelations about Ray Burke, which ultimately led to the setting up of the planning tribunal. As my splendid and indefatigable colleague Paul Cullen, neither dupe nor mole, pointed out recently, Frank Connolly’s reports on Garda corruption in Co Donegal contributed to the establishment of the Morris tribunal. However, as Paul also reported, he got it spectacularly wrong when he published the false allegations of Denis “Starry” O’Brien, against whom the Taoiseach won a libel action in Dublin Circuit Civil Court in 2001. All of these allegations were based on information – some of it clearly false – which Connolly published without recourse to this mare’s nest called “due process”.

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