The strange disappearance of Stormontgate

Mark Devenport tells what those of us outside the NI press corps guessed, that no journalist saw the collapse of the Stormontgate coming. Instead, most news organisations had their forces deployed elsewhere for the meeting of the President and the Queen. Reading between the lines, he wonders if it was the NIO’s Jo Moore moment to ensure the news was as buried as it could be.

  • Gonzo

    None of the media were aware in advance of the case and it was unlisted in the court. However, the NIO had flagged up the ‘historic’ meeting between the Queen and President from at least the afternoon before.

    From what I hear, it was only luck that one veteran court reporter ensured the case got covered by the Press.

    Now what does that tell you?

  • Pete Baker

    “he wonders if it was the NIO’s Jo Moore moment to ensure the news was as buried as it could be.”

    Mick, there’s a gaping hole in the argument that there was an attempt to bury this.. and that is that, as a plan, it really didn’t work very well did it? And it never could have.

    Paranoid lot the press corps.. just because they’re covering the less important story they think there must have been a conspiracy to keep them away from the important one.

    Make that paranoid and egotistical..

  • Shore Road Resident

    Never underestimate the NIO’s contempt for the local media, or the general public’s attention span. They are perfectly capable of plotting this, not in the belief that it would never be noticed, but in the opinion that a lack of pictures of the defendants leaving court would be less thing to keep repeating on the evening news.

  • Henry94

    Why would they worry about the press. Have any of them asked any uncomfortable questions either now or at the time of the raids.

    Have they wondered about the briefings they got at the time from their “security sources”.

    Or asked David Trimble if he still believed it was “10 times bigger than Watergate”

  • Oilbhear Chromaill

    There was no need for the NIO to engineer a stunt to distract the local media from Stormontgate – but I suppose it did no harm. Given the fact that the local media were partners – if unwitting – in the coup which led to the collapse of Stormont through their enthusiastic delivery of the lines given them by their puppetmasters in the Special Branch and British Intelligence (oxymoron).

    I was present at a dinner hosted by the British Irish Secretariat that Thursday evening and both the British and Irish representatives didn’t mention Stormontgate though there was some gushing about the historic nature of the meeting between Nellie Dean and Mary Mac. I couldn’t see it myself.

    I don’t know myself what Gerry Adam’s game is – asking people to move on. I can only suppose he’s as tired as I am of the unionist double think – ag fail a craiceann is a luach – regarding the affair. First of all they cry foul about republicans when Stormontgate is collapsed by police alleging republican spying conspiracies and then when no evidence is produced to support that claim the same unionists claim there’s a deal between SF and the British to cover it up.

    I’ve spelt out my own view of what happened here and elsewhere; the question to be asked is Qui Bono? The obvious beneficiaries were and remain unionists who by collapsing the government put a democratically elected party out in the cold and, into the bargain, got back their preferred option of direct rule.

    And how many times have we heard from the same commentators how people are prepared to put up with direct rule as they get on with their lives. Simply because they have no choice, I say, will they put up with Direct Misrule.

  • Shore Road Resident

    Since when has Gerry ever tired of pointing out unionist double think?