Finucane family court Unionists?

Interesting development re the Finucane case. For the first time, to my knowledge at least, Pat Finucane’s family are making overtures to Unionists. They met with Reg Empey today and are now pushing for a meeting with the DUP.

  • It is a rather interesting development. I look forward to the DUP press release on it.

  • Gonzo

    Will they be meeting with Sinn Fein again?

  • topdeckomnibus

    We are a small number of complainants against Kent Police in the case of the 1989 Deal Toyal Marines bombing.

    Let the truth be found in the cases you refer to.

    But let the inquiry consider the matter of 21 Kent based Territorial Army soldiers being arrested in 1987 and then not charged.

    Unlawful armed missions to Ireland and Ulster ?

    Possession of semtex ??

    Access to weapons they were not entitled to in their TA unit ???

    Duped into believing they had sworn in as “Honorary members of UDR” ??

    Middle aged men chosen because they would not resemble serving soldiers ??

    Let truth be found and right be done.

    These TA paramilitaries escaped John De Chasterlain inquiry because of the terms of reference excluding members of the security services.

    If they were acting unlawfully (IE without Crown is Sec of State authoroty to make the offence under Unlawful Drilling Act 1819) then we donot see that they shouold enjoy exemption from De Chasterlain’s inquiries.

    But surely they cannot also escape inquiry re links between security services and paramilitary groups and activity …..

    We will watch your site with interest Slugger because we would love to see the truth come out but will not be holding our breath waiting