clear blue water?

I’m guessing it’s not exactly what the Ulster Unionist MLA David Burnside had in mind when he made his speech to the Young Ulster Unionist Council calling for the UUP to “rejoin the national union structure of Conservative and Unionist Associations”, a speech that occasional Slugger contributor Michael Shilliday used to spark off an interesting discussion on the Young Unionist blog. But yesterday’s Tribune had a brief report suggesting the soon-to-be Lord Trimble may take the Tory whip.. once concern over another potential peer is resolved..From the Sunday Tribune –

BRITISH cabinet office concerns about nepotism in the appointment of Eileen Paisley to the House of Lords have delayed the elevation of all northern figures, including David Trimble, to the upper house of Westminster politics.

Speculation continues that the soon-to-be Lord Trimble may take the Tory whip and could return to frontline political activity with David Cameron’s newlook Conservative Party.

Trimble’s former advisor, Steven King, is also being tipped as a potential recruit at Tory Central Office.