clear blue water?

I’m guessing it’s not exactly what the Ulster Unionist MLA David Burnside had in mind when he made his speech to the Young Ulster Unionist Council calling for the UUP to “rejoin the national union structure of Conservative and Unionist Associations”, a speech that occasional Slugger contributor Michael Shilliday used to spark off an interesting discussion on the Young Unionist blog. But yesterday’s Tribune had a brief report suggesting the soon-to-be Lord Trimble may take the Tory whip.. once concern over another potential peer is resolved..From the Sunday Tribune –

BRITISH cabinet office concerns about nepotism in the appointment of Eileen Paisley to the House of Lords have delayed the elevation of all northern figures, including David Trimble, to the upper house of Westminster politics.

Speculation continues that the soon-to-be Lord Trimble may take the Tory whip and could return to frontline political activity with David Cameron’s newlook Conservative Party.

Trimble’s former advisor, Steven King, is also being tipped as a potential recruit at Tory Central Office.

  • CS Parnell

    The real story here is that David Cameron wants the Tory MEPs to leave the Christian Democratic EPP group and form a new group with members of other parties, including our old friends the Soldiers of Destiny. hehehehehe

    Don’t know who I pity more in that marriage of inconvenience. But, as for the UUs, as me aul mammy would say ‘hell slap it up yees’. See and follow the links for more details about the coming green and blue (and red and white too) alliance.

  • Occasional Commentator

    CS Parnell,
    The Tories are just talking about leaving the EPP. It’s ludicrous to suggest that all independent MEPs and parties must be treated as being a single homogenous group.
    The whole point of being independent is that you’re different from everyone else, including the other independents.
    Can you give us more detail on what you’re alleging, and also some decent evidence? Have the Tories actually said they’ll group with Le Pen or his party?

  • Crataegus

    I would agree with Burnside on this one. It makes sense and while they are at it the Unionists could do with a serious reassessment of how to widen their appeal. I am sure there must be arguments for remaining in the UK, but I don’t hear anyone making them with any cohesion. Being part of a party that could form the next government certainly would be a plus. What then would happen to the local Conservative Party?

    With regards the EEP why leave and form a party with whom?

  • CS Parnell

    OC (ho ho) hasn’t read the material on the links.

    The Tories will leave the EPP not to sit as independents but in a new group – that is Cameron’s quite explicitly stated aim.

    Listed in the Brussels Journal article buried reasonably deeply in the the links is the fact that possible allies with the Tories are Irish “centre right” deputies.

    Now as a) FF are desperate to get out of their alliance with the post-fascists from Italy and b) Fine Gael love the EPP I think it is reasonable to assume that we are talking Legions of the Rearguard here.

    Of course, the fly in this particular ointment is that the Italian fash are also quite keen to join up with the Tories.

    Looks like Bertie “sure aye um da last socialist” Ahern had an even braoder definition of that political philosphy in mind when he gave us all a belly laugh with that declaration.

    NB: There is a simply reason why the Tories won’t sit as independents: they’d get bugger all money. And nothing matters more to Tories than money (something they have in common with FF).

  • EDsnoop

    I expect Allister to join the Eurosceptic far right grouping (if/when it happens) not Nicholson. Allister has a close relationship with the Czech’s expected to join (despite the question marks over the Czech leader he lauds and his communist secrets/past). Nicholson is a Eurocrat through and through, unless they offer him a bauble better than the pretty pointless questor role he is unlikely to move from the EPP. Him being a federalist would also put him out of place in any new far right group of Eurosceptics.

  • Tampico

    It is typical of the conceit of the UUP that they would think that the Tories would even want them.

    Whilst it is true that there are a few Tories who have a fondness for Ulster, I suspect that there aren’t too many who want anything more to do with us than a passing interest.

    Besides, why would the Conservatives seek to alienate the DUP, a party whose 9 votes might come in handy from time to time?

  • Occasional Commentator

    As regards the Tories and the EPP …
    Cameron has not said much about who he wants in the new group, so bandying about names like Le Pen is just scaremongering. Any pundit looking for something sensational to write can name any pair of parties as possible allies, whether they be Fianna Fail, Italian fascists, or Le Pen.

    How is it Cameron’s fault if the Italian fascists want to join the Tories? Or if some random blogger/journalist has been daydreaming too much?

    That FourthTerm site that CS Parnell links to doesn’t exactly look like a fair and balanced information source. So what if some lone backbench MP/MEP doesn’t know what his own party’s policies are? It happens all the time in every party.

  • CS Parnell

    OC, you are reading the wrong story, but while we’re on the subject the person saying it will mean an alliance with Le Pen is a Tory MEP, not some dirty little social democrat out to make trouble!

    But you read this story:

    And this one:

    You’ll see that the bhoys and well and truely in the thick of it.

    By the way, i love the idea of a DUP – Fianna Fail coalition: two parties that deserve each other if ever there was.

    Oh, and – given that it says it’s a site for members of the (Brit) Labour Party it is hardly pretending to be unbiased – however all the things it links to are from the right (including EU Observer).

    Like I said, I am not sure who to feel more pity for, the Ulster Unionists or the Fianna Failers, so I’ll settle for neither. A pair of scumbags – and hopefully that’ll getr me crosses!

  • Pete Baker

    “you are reading the wrong story”

    Hmmm.. haven’t you got a blog of your own for this discussion, CS? Rather than diverting this thread.