George Best and the unfamiliar past

By the time I got to ‘clock’ club and international football as a kid, George Best was long a fixed point in the firmament. It goes without saying I didn’t know him, even though in the last few years I probably hurried past his local pub in Chelsea more than a few time, it never occured to me to press myself on his company for the sake of old times. The Guardian have published my own very personal account of his funeral.

  • slug

    Well written, sensitive, and thoughtful.

  • iluvni

    Send a copy of that to Brian Appleyard at the Sunday Times….but it still grates somewhat reading it. A balanced enough account, but yet another article where Prods/Catholics have to be brought into the equation. Lennon dragged up again…zzzz

    Is it not just enough that many people in Northern Ireland went and paid their respects to a fellow countryman who’d brightened their lives with his football skills?

  • The funeral a week ago, there’s so much as happened since George was buried……Stormontgate to Narnia and of course the efforts of the workers in Dungannon “creating good taste”

  • spartacus


    nice one all in all, but i’m wondering about two things. i’ve done the city cemetery tour, and spent some time looking around a bit myself. so far as i could tell there was no special difference between vandalism directed toward protestant plots and any others. if anything the plots for the most well-to-do (the captains of industry types)of them seemed better cared for than any others in the cemetery.

    second, on the jewish section: your article makes it sound like something sinister is up, something ‘systematic.’ i don’t see any evidence of that–no anti-semitic graffiti, etc. the jewish section lies closer to the wall on the whiterock, and there are holes poked through there where people with nothing better to do with their time enter the cemetery to hang about, drink, sniff glue, whatever.

    you’ll know that there have been a number of suicide victims found there over the past couple of years, and that young women have been raped on the grounds. its horrible stuff, but i don’t think there is a sectarian or anti-semitic angle as your article suggests. as to whether people form outside the west felt threatened coming in to the area, you need to balance this up against the racist diatribes of certain dup types who have labelled the entire surrounding community ‘animals’ over the years, and who have said the same about rvh. most of this is groundless, i think, but perhaps people cannot be held fully accountable for believing the shite that comes out of our politicans’ mouths. people have been shot and killed in the cemtery across the street, by the way, and it wasn’t by republicans.

  • Nice article Mick.

    Well done.