Adams vision is clearest…

Jude Collins compares political leaders in Ireland north and south and believes Gerry Adams faces the simplest test – his realisation of a United Ireland. My only quibble is over his ratings in the Republic, which have seen Adams’ value drop dramatically in the last year.

  • Keith M

    “In the south of Ireland, recent polls show Bertie Ahern the most popular leader of a political party, closely followed by Gerry Adams.” I presume he means the republic, as I’ve haven’t seen a poll which was confined the the area south of Athlone, I’d also like to see his definition of “recent”.

    With all the CD and DVD giveaways in newspapers these days, DI should really be offering the free gift of the Provo/English dictionary.

  • Henry94

    North of Athlone would be an interesting poll.

  • South-Central Athlone is an electoral tinderbox..

  • 6countyprod

    …satisfaction rates for the (Irish) Government have slipped to 37%,

    …Gerry Adams has dropped …to 31%

    Wow, with approval ratings back up in the 40’s, even George Bush is doing better than these guys!

  • George

    Mick and Keithm,
    the lastest poll in the last Sunday’s Tribune, conducted by Millward Brown IMS, showed Adams recovering to become the second-most popular leader after Bertie Ahern.

    Ahern 51%
    Adams 48% (44% women, 52% men)
    Kenny 44%

    Fianna Fail 37 per cent, down 4
    Fine Gael 24 per cent, up 5
    Labour Party 12 per cent, up 1
    Sinn Fein 9 per cent, up 1
    Green Party 5 per cent, unchanged
    Progressive Democrats 4 per cent, unchanged Others 10 per cent, down 2.

    Sunday Business Post poll, conducted by Red C, also last Sunday:
    Fianna Fail at 34 per cent, up 2
    Fine Gael 27 per cent, up 2
    Labour Party 13 per cent, no change
    Sinn Fein 10 per cent, no change
    Green Party 5 per cent, down 1
    Progressive Democrats 3 per cent, down 1
    Others 8 per cent, down 2.

    Bertie as the most p

  • That will have been getting caught up in the George Best thing – should have an article in the Guardian tomorrow. [Note to self: keep up Mick!]

  • How about a poll to see who would win most votes on competence on telling a soothing bedtime story. Gerry Adams or Ian Paisley?
    ” Noi, thur wur three burrs, noi, so thur wur, daddy burr, mummy burr and baby burr…….”

  • Shore Road Resident

    Good lord. Do I smell another round of Daily Ireland redundancies in the air?
    I’ve never read such shameless sucking up to the (real) boss.

    This line in particular is utterly laughable:

    “(Gerry Adams) speak(s) in a normal, conversational tone to the microphone, as if addressing an individual rather than a mass rally”

    Err…no he doesn’t. Gerry is a glinty-eyed scary robot on camera and on the stump. He puts the fecking fear of christ in people, which was precisely the source of his hold over crowds during times of crisis – and is precisely the reason for his stagnating popularity now.

  • jim

    spirit level

    As long as baby burr doesn’t grow up to be gay !!

    Seamus ‘Goldilocks’ close will not be eating the porridge off that plate.

  • Brian Boru

    What’s really annoying about these polls is that one of them at least was taken in September, beforew the crucial I.F. issue flared up. We need a more recently-conducted poll. Note that ICG, which owns Irish Ferries, has a director also on the board of Independent Newspapers, which owns the Irish Independent. The Irish Independent has dropped Gerry O’Reilly from the Irish Ferries story. Wonder why? 😉