The long-running affair continues

The ongoing case of the Irish Worker’s Party president Sean Garland, wanted by the US on counterfeiting charges, and at large in the Republic, continues. In the Independent, David McKittrick – interestingly in the Asia section – notes that Garland “argues that coverage of the affair has been ‘sensationalised’.”.. while in the Daily Ireland, Danny Morrison, eventually, gets to the point of his article, claiming – “Seán Garland has no chance of getting justice in the United States and it is on that basis — not out of sympathy for the man or his party — that his extradition should be opposed and resisted.”Morrison also appears to suggest that opposition to Garland’s extradition should could be based on an argument that Garland’s counterfeiting of US currency was ‘a legitimate, revolutionary act’ –

Perhaps at some stage we could theoretically debate whether the organised distribution of counterfeit US dollars is in certain circumstances a legitimate, revolutionary act — something akin to robbing a bank without actually going into the bank — or is in all circumstances a criminal act.

I’m not entirely sure who Morrison was thinking of with his bank robbery analogy, but Garland could always try arguing that one in court..