Bank raid suspected watched for a year…

All the papers are reporting on the PSNI’s long term surveillance of Bank robbery suspect Chris Ward, went as far as Fuerteventura, where he went on holidays. The Irish Times reports (subs needed):

The court was told that the case against Mr Ward was based on his actions on December 18th and 19th last year; his actions on December 20th, the day of the raid; his original account of what happened, and a works rota. Det Insp Wright, who said he could connect the accused to the crime, told the court that surveillance would have a direct impact on at least one of these areas. He confirmed to defence solicitor Niall Murphy that Mr Ward had no criminal record and that during 60 interviews he had denied any involvement in the robbery.

This would indicate that an immense amount of material has been gathered before bringing this case to the PPS. If, this is an entirely baseless change, the PSNI will face severe criticism from its various oversight and regulatory bodies.

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