On a lighter note..

How Irish Dancing saved America’s Erotic Clubs.

  • Pete Baker

    Hmm.. is the Irish Post connected to the Irish Examiner, Mick? Because that report is reliant on quotes from the Examiner’s article on the story.. which Slugger previously noted *ahem*

    Not to be confused with line-dancing

  • “I think we’ve always had sexy dancers — even before Riverdance. But it’s quite unconscious. It’s not the intention of the dancer to make them sexy. ”

    Sorry, but there is NOTHING sexy about traditional Irish dancing. Anyone who reads ‘sexiness’ in Irish dancing needs to get out more 🙂

  • Pete Baker

    Have you read the quotes in the Irish Examiner article, maca?.. linked above..

    Dr Hanna’s argument was that Irish dance “involves a rigid upper body and a leg pounding upon the ground [which] can be associated with the phallus pounding the female.”

    As Irish Eagle, John Fay said.. “Woah!”

  • eranu

    i agree with maca. if you find irish dancing sexy, you have serious problems!

  • eranu

    ps. dr hanna sounds a right perv! 🙂

  • I read them Pete … disturbing! 🙂

  • Crataegus

    Has Irish dancing evolved recently or is this just another case of the Law being an ass?

  • Pete Baker

    As usual, Crataegus, the real story seems to be somewhat buried behind the headline.. As I noted in the previous thread – “what it shows is a judge who is prepared to make a ruling against what he sees as a far too generalised and sweeping [State] law – bad law in other words – by liberally interpreting the evidence presented to him.”

    The judge in the case, Judge Carlton Tilly, quoted in the Belfast Telegraph report, also noted that –

    “The prohibitions would likewise apply to fully clothed customers wishing to do the shag or other popular dances such as those seen on the TV show Soul Train or the movies Dirty Dancing or Saturday Night Fever”

  • Pete, do you have anything to do with the RSS feed?
    I mentioned to Mick recently, the main url on the RSS feed is wrong. Perhaps you could fix it, if possible?

  • Pete Baker

    Unfortunately, maca, I don’t have access to those features on Slugger.. for some reason 😉

  • Not to worry!

  • sounds like that judge needs to visit the UK when David Cameron is in office, and pop one of those de-classified pills and go clubbing.
    what are they called.. ahh ecstasy 🙂

  • Irish dancing saving erotic dancing clubs?

    Ian Paisley’s worst* nightmare?

    * ok maybe not worst but it’s got to be up there!