Best funeral

As luck would have it, I happen to be in Belfast this morning. It wasn’t planned that way, but… The town is strangely quiet. The opinion here is split between the sceptics who think the whole Bestie thing is a hype and those who think it will be the biggest event in the history of Northern Ireland. That remains to be seen. If you want to follow the day’s events the ‘best’ way is through UTV, who are webcasting their broadcast coverage.

  • ganching

    Very bad taste there to be making a pun on the word “remains”…

  • Sean

    I believe Bobby Sands’ funeral was much larger? I am not insinuating a political battle of who is the most important, but just the accuracy/inaccuracy of reporting and projections on ‘Northern Ireland’s biggest events.’

  • Mick Fealty

    It was also on 7th May.

    It was a case of the die hards and locals turning out on an inhospitable day. I met people from Andersonstown, Kilkenny and more than a few from Cregagh.

    The hype probably did as much to keep the numbers down as anything else. The thought of getting stuck outside the gates and no means to get home to watch the ceremony would have put many people off too.

    It was strange afterwards. A bit like going to the football in the sixties, there was virtually no traffic anywhere that morning in Belfast.

    Many who hadn’t planned to go, presumbably stayed in to watch it on the tv.