The result is a triumph

Still a week to go before the Chronicles arrive but Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian has already seen it and he’s given it a glowing review – and 5 stars. That imagery has done the trick again.. and, as the Guardian noted here, C. S. Lewis’ fear that “Anthropomorphic animals, when taken out of narrative into actual visibility, always turn into buffoonery or nightmare.” seem to have been misplaced.

  • Lonely Pint

    Total Film and Empire gave it three stars out of five. They both say it is very admirable, but could have done with a bit more edge, and some shading.

    As it stands, it is aimed squarely at younger children, unlike the Lotr trilogy or the latest Harry Potter which are rather darker and more violent.

    Still, it was one of my favourite books as a child, so I am looking forward to seeing it. And the fact that CS Lewis is from this fine city gives it an added sparkle.

  • Lonely Pint

    BTW – King Kong looks the business. The REAL deal…

  • Emily

    I’ll bet if CS Lewis could have imagined the direction that special effects in film was going to take, he might not have objected to the adaptation.

  • Pete Baker

    Possibly, Emily.. possibly.

    I almost quoted this line from his letter instead – “if only Disney did not combine so much vulgarity with his genius!”