The blame game continues…

This time it is primarily between Unionists. UUP spokesman Alan McFarland argues that his party took nothing directly to do with the OTR question, whilst the DUP point to its orgin in the 2001 Weston Park talks, in which the DUP took no part.

  • harpo

    I know that the UUP and DUP will try to lay blame for the whole OTR thing on each other, but I don’t see that either were involved in negotiations about it. Many politicians are on record that since the GFA negotiations talks have been about sets of issues specific to each party. Thus OTRs would never have been discussed by the UUP, DUP or the SDLP. That was something that only PSF brought up, so only they would have had talks about that issue.

    But here’s a related point to think about. HMG has talked to the various loyalist groups once in a while. What if one/more of those loyalist groups upon seeing the draft proposals relating to on-the-runs that came out in 2003 said to themselves ‘why don’t we ask for the same thing for our members who might get charged at some point? They didn’t go on-the-run, but there is no harm in asking. HMG is giving this to the Provos, so why can’t we have something similar?’.

    I don’t think this scenario is that unrealistic. Hain, Blair and Ahern have all said that they had to do the deal with the Provos to get them to make those final moves towards supposed peace. I’d like to hear someone ask HMG or Ahern if any similar deals were made with loyalist groups. To get them to agree to nmove towards stopping violence. Or, more interestingly if any deals were done with groups within the security forces.