Quote of the week…

There was a football match in Old Trafford last night, but it comes a poor third in Daniel Taylor’s eulogy to George Best and minor hatchett job on the new owners for not turning up to what sounded like a memorable night. It contains the quote of the week on one of the momentoes left outside the ground:

“Shevchenko, £50m. Ronaldinho, £50m. George Best, priceless. RIP.”

  • A Fan

    BEST by name.

    BEST by nature.

    RIP George.

  • Ivor Dewdney

    Thought this was particularly poor journalism myself. If the Glazers had been there he would have complained that they were cynically exploiting Best’s passing to ingratiate themselves with the United fans.

  • The Glazers were probably too busy wondering how they let a great entrepreneurial idea get past them – mobile strip clubs for pre-game parties in their team’s parking lot in Tampa.

  • DD

    The best quote i heard was o journalist was contrasting the waiting for his death to the same at the time of the popes death earlier in the year when she was reminded “we have another pope but we will never have another George Best”.