Murphy criticises his successor?

Brian Feeney comes over all biblical, suggesting that Paul Murphy has disagreed with his successor as Secretary of State, not once, twice, but three times. He detects power draining from Labour’s House of Commons.

  • Mac

    What do you think prompted our former reticent and distinctly forgettable proconsul to stab the present incumbent in the back last week, not once, not twice, but three times?

    Given that Brian has many issues of his own to deal with I have to ask why you think he merits a blog? As political commentators go, he falls short of the mark and the first question he raises demonstrates this!

    I think Brian is a bitter man. The dark tone of his piece would put anyone off trying to see if there is substance to argument.

  • seabhac siulach

    Not sure about his journalistic qualitities but his standard of writing is atrocious…and very unpleasant to read…

    After attempting to read through that garbage I haven’t a clue what point he was trying to make…so ,eh, Murphy was not up supportive of the Hain…big deal…

  • notwelsh

    The article is factually inaccurate drivel. Brian Feeny seems not to have noticed that Murphy was Secretary of State for Wales bewteen July 1999 and October 2002.

  • slug

    Brian Feeney is much more pleasant when representing us (Northern Ireland) in Radio 4’s Round Britain Quiz

  • elfinto

    I must leap to Brian Feeney’s defence here. I greatly enjoy his commentaries as I feel he really cuts through the BS in a direct but humourous manner. He is a long time observer of the sick counties and his cynicism is well founded.