Belfast City Council watch…

Reader Nestor points to Tony Bowden’s own Belfast City Council wiki and notes in an email, “it’s 10 times more useful than the Council’s (undoubtedly very expensive) site. It’s probably a bit worrying for the Council as it’s suddenly very easy to find out things about the decisions made in the Dome of Delight….” Actually the wording he used was stronger than site, but did rhyme with it.

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  • I’ve been surprised at how much traffic is coming to the site already – there are about 200 people a day coming through from Google searches. This certainly implies that there are a lot of people out there looking for information that’s currently well hidden deep within the Council’s own site, out of range of Google.

    And I still only have just over a year’s worth of council minutes there. The Council’s own site goes back to 1989…

  • Nestor Makhno

    Why is it that public sector IT projects are almost always poorly implemented?

    I wonder if it’s because they tend to go for clunky, slightly out-of-date, big scale and therefore ‘safe’ software (usually from Micro$oft) rather than simple, up to the minute and often ‘free’ solutions (such as your own wiki software) – that just work?

    Or, I guess, it’s often then IT team who decide what the solution should be rather than the people who are actually likely to use it.

  • Donnie

    Are there any bloggers following the BCC v The Vacuum case in coort?

    What with this, the Waterfront Hall debacle and the promise to double the funding for loyalist bonfires (some para controlled) it’s been a busy week for that useless shower of shi…