[another] Warrant issued for Sean Garland

As I previously noted, Irish Worker’s Party President, Sean Garland, had no intention of appearing in court in Belfast today for an extradition hearing [to the US on counterfeiting charges].. and the court has subsequently issued a warrant for his arrest – the BBC have a more comprehensive report here. Since he’s currently at large in the Republic of Ireland that warrant potentially creates some political embarrassment.. unless cross-border co-operation comes into play..

  • harpo

    Isn’t the situation perfectly simple? He has done a runner – the latest republican on-the-run! – to the Republic of Ireland. The ROI recently settled a new extradition deal with the US, didn’t they?

    The solution is obvious – the US can simply issue a new extradition request – this time to the ROI. The ROI authorities can then pick him up and given what he has just done, refuse bail. A quick extradition hearing and off he goes to the US.

    That would be much more efficient than the UK trying to get him back into NI via extradition from the ROI, and even if that works there would still have to be the extradition hearing in Belfast. Why have 2 hearings when you can have 1? There is going to have to be 1 new set of extradition paperwork done anyway, so why doesn’t the US do it and send it to where he is – the ROI.

    If I was Garland I would run a bit further, to somewhere that isn’t as friendly with the US and doesn’t have an extradition treaty. Maybe he already has.

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Firstly Garland isn`t in any way or form a Republican. He`s nothing but a little stalinst, whos pitiful band which label themselves Workers Party are nothing but a front.
    Lets not forget it has been alledged that Workers Party members used to get training in the USSR before its collapse and then it was alledged, they where receiving substantial funding from Communist Russia. How else could it continue to spend lavishly at every election when their return in votes was virtually zero!

    Now when they lose all their funding the criminal gang of the Official IRA stepped in and everyone in any Nationalist area knows, these few, are nothing but drug dealing thugs who terrorist certain areas and seemingly sit safely and snugly in their social clubs without the fear of any police action.

    Remember before anyone forgets, this is a heavily armed group.
    But isn`t it strange to think that their former friends in British intelligence, the RUC and the Special Branch, are the ones now who are likely to provide the Americans with all the evidence that could possibly jail their leader.

    Poetic justice.

  • Pete

    Lincoln, tragic little piece by yerself there. I take it you would be a yank yourself and obviously well read up on your corprate media and wilder reaches of Provo propganda.

    We have due process down here and Sean is going nowhere.

    Also can someone point out what crime he has committed in the US? It is my understanding that Kissenger fiend is wanted in a few countries for crimes that led to mass murder, can we get our hands on him? Looks like it is more of a crime to damage the US economy than bomb innocents?

  • harpo


    You said:

    ‘We have due process down here and Sean is going nowhere.’

    What if the US sends an extradition request to the ROI? You seem to think that due process means that he can’t be sent to the US, but it only means that he goes through whatever the system is. He could end up being extradited from the ROI to the US.

    Nice bit of whataboutery too. ‘Others don’t get extradited so Garland shouldn’t either’.

  • Pete Baker

    Not only that, harpo.. but Garland’s already run away from due process.

  • Sean runs a very successful import/export business. Not bad for a man with humble beginnings.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    Am I not right in saying that Garland has dual membership of the Official IRA and the Irish Workers’ Party?