Waterfront to close for three months

This is a shocker. The flagship Waterfront Hall (which took over 20 years in the planning) is to close because its stage equipment is worn out after only nine years in place. A long time Sluggerregular Chris Stalford is Chair of the Waterfront Board and is not happy!

  • Keith M

    I blame the UUP, They seemed to be in there every month at one stage.

    By the way as a point of interest how many people does The Waterfront and The Odyssey hold?

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Rumour has it the joint Ian Paisley Snr and Roy Chubby Brown gig did the damage.

  • none

    I bought my wife a Xmas pressy of Katie Melua tickets over t’internet yesterday for Feb in the Waterfront.

  • Mike H

    According to BBC News:
    “It is expected the repair work will take place next summer, during the hall’s quiet period, and its normal time for annual refurbishment. ”

    ..which is good news ‘cos I’ve got Van tickets for Feb!

  • It’s a strange place The Waterfront. I went to see Paul Weller there last year. The modfather was excellent but the venue is far from being a rock venue. The sound was excellent but the layout is more suited to The Merchant of Venice. Weller is back here on December 11th but has decided to return to The Ulster Hall. Just as well then…

  • traditional unionist

    stalford is never happy.

  • Andrew Muir

    Waterfront max capacity is 2,700, Odyssey Capacity is 10,000