How bad was the media reporting on Katrina?

Well, according to Matt Welch in the latest Reason Online very bad.

  • aquifer

    The media getting hysterical on air about dead bodies at the side of the road was naff. A dead body was not going to leap up and bite anyone, the risks of live people being infected from dead bodies is low, and the living were much more important at that point in time.

    Headline. The authorities had their priorities right.

  • 6countyprod

    It is patently obvious that those within the media who suffer from BDS* used the events around Katrina to smear George Bush and the US. Their reports were so ott that anyone with the slightest amount of discernment immediately recognised it.

    The sneering european media, and the American looney left may have succeeded in making some of the mud stick, but it also exposed their vindictiveness and repulsiveness. Is it any wonder that confidence in the main stream media outlets is at an all-time low.

    (* Bush Derangement Syndrome)

  • 6countyprod

    I’m looking forward, with baited breath and great expectation to weeks of in depth analysis from the BBC on this breaking story.

    Apparently, even though two thirds of the population of New Orleans is black, less than half of the victims of Katrina who have so far been identified are African-American.

    It looks like it was the whites and Hispanics who suffered most from incompetent black rule (governor, major, police chief, etc.) in New Orleans.

    So, I’m sitting here, holding my breath and wondering, where is the horror and outrage in the media against such blatant racism? If the figures were the other way around, Jesse and the media would be jumping all over the place screaming blue murder!

    The media now have a chance to redeem themselves by telling the truth, but, no doubt, it’s going to be another cover up.

    Katrina Victims