Abiding paradox of peace time

When Malachi O’Doherty addressed the Green Party earlier in the Autumn he scanned the horizon for opportunity for issue based, non confessional parties. He argues that people are de facto becoming more used to mixing in work and in the broader swathes of middle class Northern Ireland. HOwever, he believes that the future belongs to transformed traditional parties, rather than to those jostling the crowded middle.

  • Crataegus

    An interesting article advising the Greens that they are wasting their time. A position well argued. However it is difficult to envisage how people who in the first place are repelled by the ethos of the current main parties are going to join those parties to reform them.

    There is hopeless division in the middle ground. It is a very competitive pool where if one party surfaces another sinks and no possibility of there every being unity and commonality of purpose. If the Parties that occupy that space (if space it is) could unite on common purpose them there would be the semblance of a credible unit that people may vote for. It would give people hope and a possible realistic alternative. But that will never happen as all these minor groups are wed to their cherished brand name and recite their core ideology like religious zealots, yet to an outsider the differences are difficult to distinguish.

    The really sad aspect is that election after election these groups keep getting a kick in the rear and yet instead of waking up to reality they sleep walk to the next election. They render themselves peripheral.