Best to buried from Stormont

Peter Hain has given permission for George Best’s funeral to take place up at Stormont. As one journalist quipped, maybe that’ll be the right time for Northern Ireland’s politicians to quit when they’re ahead and bow out when the feelgood factor is still strong. His body is to be flown home on Wednesday. Sporting Life has the details.

  • There is a story on UTV Internet news that the body may be delayed on Wedenesday because the PSNI fear that its arrival may bring Belfast to a standstill. I was listening to Gerry Ryan on the radio this morning and he was forecasting that a quarter of a million people might attend the funeral. Another source said 500,000! Surely this is unrealistic bearing in minfd the population. I remember Diana’s funeral when the media forecast 3 million and the Metropolitan Police later said that the attendance in London was 900,000. Either way it will be a sad and memorable occasion.