Alliance Party Chairman steps down citing “campaign of abuse”

Murmurs of discontent within the Alliance Party following the move by Lisburn City Council to reverse its earlier support for Alliance Party Councillor Seamus Close’s motion to restrict access to the council’s Cherry Room for civil partnerships. The BBC report that two of the three Alliance Party councillors in Lisburn have stepped down from their executive positions in the party – they remain party members – including the Party Chairman and Deputy Mayor of Lisburn, Trevor Lunn, following what he described as “a campaign of abuse” from within the party.Cllr Lunn is quoted as saying that it was the reaction to their support for Seamus Close’s motion that forced his decision and he complains of a campaign by some party members against the three councillors.

“The campaign against Lisburn from within the party has continued to the point where I thought it would be better if I wasn’t chairing the organisation.

“I always thought the Alliance Party was a broad enough church that we could support some difference of opinion.

“But it appears that in terms of equality issues, that we just can’t.”

The story broke on Radio Ulster’s Talkback which noted that the Alliance Party declined an invitation to discuss the matter..