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Hot on the heels of Red Mum’s coup in the Echo, EirePreneur notes that Con has a column in the Irish-language daily and also reveals that Bernie of Irish Eyes blog, 1 millionth page view under his belt, appears in the most recent edition of the Sunday Business Post’s quarterly magazine icon.. which doesn’t appear to be online. Bernie, however, seems somewhat reluctant to reveal that particular news, but does point out that Slugger O’Toole is profiled in icon, and reprints the article, complete with an abundance of quotes from a certain Mr Fealty.. hmm..

  • mwk

    36k hits a month? Shurely shome mishtake there?

  • I’m sure I said visitors.

  • mwk

    The press, eh? 🙂

  • Pete Baker

    I was just thinking that was wrong, Mick.. and Merk.. here’s the previously quoted figure on Slugger

    500,000 page-views and, if I recall correctly -we discussed it in the comments at the time – about 35,000 individually identifiable visitors per month?

  • I’m delighted for Conn. He’s doing great work with the podcasting. It must take a lot of effort to keep it going (not to mention costs).

  • Are you serving 500,000 page views monthly and still staying inside 12 gigs of transfer traffic each month?

  • We’re on a fifty gig limit at the moment. It depends on the month – the vary massively depending on the kind of stories we can blog, but it’s settles in and around 30 gig at the moment. I had to put it up to fifty because we ran short a few months in a row days before the end of the month.

  • I think your transfer traffic alone puts Slugger at the top of the Irishblogs pile. IrishEyes runs through 20 gigs monthly but a lot of that is due to thousands of photos viewed daily. If I started chewing up 50 gigs a month, Six Apart would certainly scream. As it is, viewers suffer slow response times because my blog isn’t on a low-traffic server.