Hearts and Minds: the hopeless economy

Hearts and Minds looks like good value tonight. Plenty of hoping mad politicians along with an interview with Jeff Rooker. They also ask whether Peter Hain was right to tell the Americans that Northern Ireland’s economy couldn’t stand on its own two feet. Or was he just telling it the way it is. More detail after the webcast goes live.

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  • IJP

    Hoping mad, Mick?!

    Despite Dawson’s good start, Farren was a clear winner. He stuck to his points, came across as very well informed, and never once came anywhere near a tribal platitude.

    Besides, if the Regional Tourist Offices are really struggling, I’d say the £50m spent each year on NITB would be much handier than the £11m (not all of which is UK money anyway) it costs to run Tourism Ireland.

    It is a simple fact that all-island-alone does make sense in certain industries (as well as some where it does not), the most obvious of which, frankly, is tourism.

  • Pete Baker

    Well, it’s hardly a surprise that a managing partner of Price Waterhouse Cooper said that he believes that better co-operation between North and South would benefit both economies.

    They’ve already made their position clear already

    However, whether that means that the readjustment to the democratic [or any potential economic] arrangements are also welcome remains to be seen…

  • Brian Boru

    Many Unionists consider trade between North and South as tantamount to a United Ireland so don’t expect them to support increased trade. They don’t want “Roman” money anyway. 🙂

  • 6countyprod

    Why would Northern Ireland want to get mixed up with a country that flouts its obligations to Kyoto, and is responsible for producing more harmful gases per capita than all other EU states except Luxembourg?

    Apparently, in the ROI, harmful greenhouse gas emissions have increased by 25% over the past 15 years.

    It seems Ireland also generates more municipal waste per person than any other European country. What a shame. Ireland has absolutely no respect for the environment.

    More good reasons why NI needs to be very circumspect in its relations with the ROI.


  • 6countyprod

    Ireland ranked bottom of environmental league table – 29/11/2005