Not political, paramilitary..

Secretary of State Peter Hain has corrected himself, as reported here, after referring earlier today to “political prisoners” in relation to the Northern Ireland [Offences] Bill saying he had meant to say “paramilitary prisoners”. There’s a fuller report on the debate so far here and that debate, in the House of Commons, continues.. Live coverage available via Parliament.TV[that debate has now finished] Update The BBC report that former NI Secretary of State Paul Murphy has recommended the government consider amendments to the Bill Update2 Guardian report here and the Bill passed by 310 votes to 262.

  • This was a disgraceful episode in Pariament and those MPs who voted for this abomination should be ashamed of themselves but I fear that such people are unable to feel shame.

  • cmcg

    No point getting emotional over politics. It’s the coldest game of all. The same ministers sent their own troops over to Iraq to murder men, women and children (whose loved ones would have also been left sobbing at scattered remains on the floor) in the name of keeping good relations with the yanks. The DUP and Ulster Unionists fully supported this. Tell me it was for another reason. Go on. I dare ya. Morals, right and wrong, humanity… this isn’t politics, it’s a Disney production.