A Cherry Room for everyone

Under the threat of legal action if their earlier decision was not reversed, and with the legal advice to the council supporting that view, last night Lisburn City Council voted again on whether to allow same-sex civil partnership ceremonies to be held in the, by now infamous, Cherry Room. As the BBC reports they voted in favour this time.. but not without some dissent, most notably from the Alliance Party’s Seamus Close, who according to the Belfast Telegraph, walked out of the meeting before the vote was taken.

  • The Thinker

    The Alliance party should be totally ashamed of the actions of one of their members and they should publicly distance themselces from the stance of Close.

  • Butterknife

    Can anyone think up jokes about (Paul) Berry and Cherry (Room) *cough*

  • John East Belfast

    I think Seamus Close is behaving hysterically here and as a unionist who feels regularly lectured by the Alliance Party about “cherrypicking” legislation they don’t like as well as discriminating against people we don’t like then his actions are all the more hypocritical.

    The “sacredness” of marriage is something the preserve of the Churches and how they treat marriage.

    As for two gays being ‘married’ in Lisburn Council will

    “undermines the nucleus of society – family and family life”.

    He said the boundaries of right and wrong had been “blurred” and warned of “dire moral and ethical consequences on our society”.”

    I think he really needs to go and lie down.

    The legislation has been passed by Parliament and there is nothing can be done about it now.
    Yes he is entitled to say what he likes but there was no legal basis for him to try and stand in the way of what the law said was ok.

    This is what the Alliance Party would have said to the Orange Order regarding the Parades Commission decisions.

  • Animus

    There is nothing sacred about weddings in Council – any reference to religion is forbidden. If he thinks family life is undermined by gay couples gaining recognition as such, family life must be very fragile indeed. Close’s stance is abhorrent as well as illegal.

  • Dr Sunggles

    If Seamus Close were honest enough to say that his views stem from deeply and honestly held religious convictions, I think he could be viewed with some credibility. Instead, he makes vague references to blurring the boundaries between right and wrong, and asks critics to “look up marriage in a dictionary”. What specious and facile rubbish.

    His assertion that civil partnerships would lead to “dire moral and ethical consequences for our society” is laughable. Perhaps Seamus thinks Northern Ireland’s society is currently a paragon of virtue and moral rectitude.

    Of course, what he means is morals and ethics as dictated by his religious beliefs. Outside of that context, who is anyone to say that there is anything morally or ethically wrong with being gay or being in love with someone of the same gender?

    When one follows the religious line dictating right and wrong, one can easily end up with the sort of outrageous comments made by DUP councillor Maurice Mills last week. I for one am sick to the back teeth of pulpit politicians from whatever party.

    Society, even here, is becoming more secular, thank God (geddit?). Our politicians need to grasp that fact, and allow individuals to make their own choices, within the law, free from judgement from two-bit politicians.

  • Conor

    Mr Willy Hay DUP claimed in the Derry Journal that he hadnt heard about Maurice Mills outburst. This was yesterday. And him being just as homophobic, noted in many outbursts of his own. ‘i dont agree with some peoples lifestyles’ and words to that effect usually. who is he to judge how people live their lives? Have the DUP nothing better to be doing with themsleves i ask? nothing better like getting the Assembly up and running again? i mean if you couldnt be bothered to do that then at least dont use that time to show just how disgustingly bigoted you really are.

  • Unionists are tring to rewrite history

    Lisburn council is nothing but a throwback to Stormont rule, when God fearing Unionists used the bible to justify the repression of Catholics.

    Something our Unionist friends just loved. Theres nothing better than a bit of Catholic bating, and something all our Unionist friends miss.

  • Robotmonster

    Methinks Miss Close does protest too much. Off she goes, skirts hauled up and handbag flapping in a hissy-fit. What an objectionable creature.

  • Animus

    Post 7 Unionist… did you mean to post on this point? Leave off the unionist-baiting for another (more relevant) post.

    Robot – no need to be sexist by portraying Close as a prissy woman.

  • Robotmonster

    Animus, I was actually attempting to cast Seamus Close in the role of a prissy, vaudvillian closet queen, playing on old fashioned gay male coded behaviour of identification with ‘she’ and ‘Miss’ etc. I agree this can appear mysoginistic – but therein lies the old debate regarding men dressing as women for entertainment. I’ve certainly encountered some very mysoginistic drag queens. Handbags at dawn and all that.

    I’ve also come across research which suggest that the most homophobic individuals are probably gay themselves.