Rigid equality provisions

Alex Maskey has poo pooed the idea that the seven councils plan represents re-partition of Northern Ireland. He points out that although councils will be given more powers, those powers and the conduct of council business will be severely circumscribed by rigid equality provisions to protect minorities. He also suggests that the idea of re-partition supposes that the councils will operate in a vacuum. He clearly presumes there will be a resumption of the Assembly and some form of Executive by the time the new councillors take their seats in 2009.

  • JD

    This, increase in segregation, argument is nonsense. Councils in the six counties are already segregated there 10 nationalist controlled councils and thirteen unionist controlled out of the twenty six. So the landscape will not change that much.
    The dual mandate legislation is going to have a very detrimental impact on the SDLP and I hear Patricia Lewsley and Tommy Gallagher are spitting teeth.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Well, having spoken to Shinners about this in the past, I find it hard to believe Maskey. Shinners are big fans of big government, and if they are now all for this trimming down of it, you’d have to wonder why the about face.

    The answer is pretty obvious.

  • Mr Bigga

    Aaah the middle class SDLP politicians having to survive on two or three wages!! Pity the poor auld dearies…
    Darling we can only go to Vegas three times this year!

  • Butterknife

    I’m not worried, i have the DUP protecting my best interests!;)

  • Butterknife

    What was the DUP’s ‘alternative’ to the GFA again? I forgot …

  • traditional unionist

    so did they

  • Aaah the middle class SDLP politicians having to survive on two or three wages!! Pity the poor auld dearies… Darling we can only go to Vegas three times this year!

    Another unfounded and scurrilous comment. Bigga, please name me one SDLP representative who is a councillor and an MLA, and has derived ‘riches’ therefrom. I think you’ll find such a person does not exist.

    Unfortunately the SDLP doesn’t have a racketeering wing to line their pockets- they have to make do with legitimate income.

    The SDLP has no problem with getting rid of double-jobbing. They are more concerned with civil servant job losses, the further Balkanisation of the north with the repartition of Ulster, the lack of local community representation the changes will bring, and the bureaucratic fortune it will cost to implement these changes.

  • bigwhitedove

    El Blog,

    Name you one individual,

    Look at the register of interests in Stormont, granted the individual MLAs arent on Quangos but their spouses, children etc are,
    How many SDLP MLAs have family members wotking as their PAs?
    How many have used their office cost allowances to
    rent offfices from family members?
    Which senior party official has serious problems dealing with the residents of the Holylands because of HIS extensive properety portfollio in the area,
    The SDLP do have a racketeering wing is was/is called milking the system for personal gain.
    That is why they are crying so hard about the RPA.
    As for your assumptions about the “further balkanisation of the north” does anyone really believe it or understand what it means?
    More middle class twaddle from an ever desperate group of political and intellectual elitists taken straight from the CRC textbook.
    Sure why dont we have a few coffee mornings and talk about celebrating diversity and the ghastly scourge of sectarianism in working class communities!!! LMAO

  • Big White Dove,

    As I said, please name me one individual who lives up to Mr. Bigga’s accusations?

    All you do is list some questions and make some veiled references. Put your money where your mouth is, or shut it.

    Give me fact, not rumour.