Quote of the day

The Washington Post’s political blog, The Fix, turned off the comments at the weekend after some persistent malicious postings, as Chris Cilliza explains here.. and, from the comments that followed, my nominee for quote of the day from rmck1

Any political discussion venue is by nature going to attract its share of the unhinged.


  • SlugFest

    … it’s ‘SHARE of unhinged’??

    That implies the majority of posters are, well, hinged. I for one remain happily unhinged, unwell, unsane … and unalone in my fragility.

  • Pete Baker

    The ratio of hinged/unhinged is, of course, open to conjecture… and, probably, variable.

  • The door of sanity hinges upon a united ireland;)

  • Ringo

    the door of sanity?

    This place is just plain weird today.

  • Emily

    Not just politics – any open online source that allows for a level anonymity that guarantees low accountability is going to find its share of people willing to take advantage of the circumstances.

  • Pete Baker

    Very true, Emily.. it’s still a good line though.. and highly pertinent, IMHO.