Professionalisation of councils to come?

In the new proposals there is a hint that retiring councillors can expect severence packages. No bad since they currently only receive costs. At a briefing this morning there was no hint that the new intake of councillors might actually receive a salary for their troubles. In which case we may see a consolidation of the political classes and an end to the enthusiastic amateur, who is also a businessman, a teacher, or fireman.

  • slug

    “an end to the enthusiastic amateur, who is also a businessman, a teacher, or fireman.”

    I’d be very sad to see that. In Ballymena you have e.g. Declan O’Loan who is an Oxbridge-educated school teacher, and (till he stood down) Willie Wright who is a very successful businessman. These were people who could bring experience from very successful careers in the real world.

  • Pete Baker

    I think there’s already agreement on a severance package for existing councillors, Mick – based on the length of time they have held office – but the professionalisation of councillors is inevitable under these proposals.

    Increased power, increased responsibility, will lead to increased pay.. perhaps even to the levels of pay to councillors in England. As I understand it there have been ongoing negotiations for increases in councillor pay for some time, delayed due to these proposals being devised, perhaps someone from NILGA could chime in on that.

  • barnshee

    Absolutely nobody forces these meddling self important arseholes to stand for election. Let them fund their own exercises in self agrandissment.