Continuity in education

It’s not just the Department of Education [DoEd] getting it’s sums wrong, the BBC report that the Department of Employment and Learning have also allocated the wrong budgets to all 16 further education colleges – no official press release yet – including an over allocation of £1.3million to the Belfast Institute of Further and Higher Education. Unlike the over-allocation to secondary schools, the Belfast Institute will have it’s budget reduced to balance the error by the department. However, just as the previous mistake was described as a “minor error” by the Department of Education, the BBC quotes the Department of Employment and Learning as saying that, this time, the mistake was “an inconvenience”. What was it NIO Minister Shaun Woodward said, “If I fail, sack me. Ministers should be accountable.” Indeed

  • susan

    This is typical of the arrogance and incompetence of the Department of Employment and Learning.This error happened because the formula for funding education in colleges is so complicated no one understands it – including DEL A minor error of 1.3 million?? If this was the private sector and not public money the company would have gone out of business or at least sacked its financial director.