But what about?

One of the overarching statements of the day from Ministers and repeated in some of the reporting, is the apparent savings. Though as one senior journalist pointed out to Slugger that there’s no calculation for the one off costs of the re-organisation. Where will the new headquarters be? How much extra building will be required to take the extra planning and road staff being moved out out the previously centralised Departments of Regional Development and Environment? What happens to several shiny new council headquarters now they are not needed? And what happens to the 10 ministries, now more of them will have few direct responsibilities left when the RPA finally takes effect in 2009?

  • Crateagus

    On the likely costs take the Lisburn banana;

    1Lisburn, Newtownabbey and Antrim all have new or are constructing new offices, probably only Newtonabbey has the space to flexibly add staff and create more office space. So do we have various council functions in various remote locations and suffer the cost of organising or do we centralise and suffer construction costs? Perhaps new build somewhere more central like Nutts Corner. Seems appropriately named.
    2All have websites, phone and computer systems which will either be redundant or need fundamental restructuring.
    3All have forms, logos and letter headings that will need to be redesigned.
    4All have various public information leaflets.
    5All the council vehicles which will of course need to be repainted to the new corporate image.
    6What compensation for staff relocated? Who decides what staff in what levels of seniority? At what cost?
    7Road signage, welcome to Antrim and all that. Signage on Public Buildings etc.
    8Planning in Lisburn is from Downpatrick, Newtownabbey and Castlereagh from Belfast and Antrim and Carrick Ballymena. Similarly Newtownabbey, Antrim and Carrick Building Control are in the North East Group, Lisburn is with Downpatrick. The proposal will cause real disruption in many departments such as Building Control that currently work efficiently.

    What savings will there be; the bins will still need to be collected, Leisure Centres maintained and the grass cut in Parks? Where is the scope for substantial savings? Even with a doubling of expenditure it will be (correct me if I am wrong) 8% of government expenditure.

    Actually on 8 above what will be seriously disrupted will be the ability to plan for greater Belfast.

    Do we need direct rule Ministers now there is a real waste of resources?