Mary Lou to run in Bertie’s seat

For some time now, it’s been expected that Sinn Fein’s sole MEP in the Republic Mary Lou McDonald will stand in Bertie Ahern’s Dublin Central constituency. We’ll finally know for sure when the party meets to confirm its candidates for next year’s general election on 1st December. iIt seems the party plans to co-opt a replacement for Mary Lou, if she is successful in taking a Dail seat.

  • The Bushwacker

    Given Sinn Fein appaling lack of women in the Dail and ANY women emerging to ever be this move was somewhat inevitable. I expect she will be the de facto leader in Dublin when elected as she will stand head and shoulders above the already there and soon to be elected, with the exception of Pearse Doherty. Her replacement, Killian Forde is a local Councillor whom I have seen described as Dublin’s version of former Belfast Councillor Eoin O’Broin! They must have a machine to produce these shiny new ones.

  • Keith M

    This is my home constituency and the meeting to select the SF candidate is happening 50 yards from my house. The word on the street is that Kehoe is being squeezed out here but that if he did run he would take likely take the seat. The problem is that he would lower the calibre of the average SF TD even further (which is no mean feat). Ironically McDonald may have a higher national profile but her chances of taking the seat are lessened by the fact that she is perceived as being an outsider (though in fairness Castleknock is just up the road) and an opportunist given that she is an MEP for just over a year. Also if McKenna stands (and again he word is that she will) there will be a lot of local sympahy as she lost out to McDonald in Europe.

    As for FF, Bertie is once again stuck with a problem, a huge personal vote and a difficulty transferring it. There can only be one running mate and I think Brady has the inside lane at this stage. Fitzpatrick is just too young.

    Costello should hold for Labour, but forget FG, they haven’t a chance. One other interesting point not made in the article is the intention of Tony Gregory. There were rumours earlier this year that he may not stand again, which would help Costello and McDonald.

    At the moment I would call Ahern and Costello, Gregory if he stands and one from McKenna, McDonald and Brady. Should Gregory stand down then it may well be both McKenna and McDonald who get through.

    It was very interesting when SF named their target seats for the next election, they were vague and modest about gains in Dublin, naming only two unspecified gains. This confirms my suspicion that they are having difficulty in gaining critical mass in many parts of Dublin. Places like Dublin West, Dun Laoghaire and North East should be prime targets, yet I get the felling they won’t gain in any.

  • fair_deal

    Excuse my ignorance but does the dual mandate rule not prevent Mary Lou from taking a Dail seat? Or has the RoI not adopted that? Or does it mean if successful she can’t stand for re-election as an MEP?

  • Henry94


    If elected to the Dail she will have to stand down as an MEP.

  • I knew Nicky Kehoe would be shafted. He has done great work for the people for Dublin Central and last time only lost out by just over 300 votes.
    But his face does’nt fit anymore, now that Sinn Fein is trying to appeal to middle class and women voters. I expect he will be encouraged by his supporters to run as an independent. He should.

  • George

    I’m not from Dublin central but I think parachuting in Mary Lou might just backfire. Slim possibility maybe but a possibility nonetheless.

    She may live in Castleknock but she grew up in even leafier Rathgar.

    I think you might be right on critical mass in certain parts of Dublin.

    As I come from there, I would say there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of Sinn Fein winning a seat in Dunlaoghaire in the next election.

  • fair_deal


    Cheers. Would she have to stand down immediately if elected?

  • John Burns

    I live in Dublin North East and Sinn Fein have no chance of a seat unless they get rid of Larry O’Toole.

  • Mick,
    Has the date already been set for the republic’s general election? I thought it could be called in 2007?

  • Butterknife

    Does Sinn Fein aknowledge that the Republic’s armed forces are the sole and legitimate army of that country yet? If not then the people who vote for SF in the South are actually voting themselves towards a second civil war.

  • George

    sorry but acknowledging isn’t good enough anymore. That was just the start to get the democracy ball rolling.

    If SF wants to get into power in the Republic, it has to work to crush whatever is left of the IRA, not slap it on the back. No room for the gun in Irish politics means no room.

    If it doesn’t, I would put the limit of its rise south of the border to 15 seats out 166 with a guarantee from every party that they would never countenance it in government.

    If Mary Lou doesn’t get elected, then SF will be in crisis.

  • PS

    If Mary Lou doesn’t get elected, then SF will be in crisis.


    That’s ridiculous. Mary Lou may well not be elected (though I’d be very hopeful she will) but Sinn Féin will still see a great growth in their number of TDs at the next election in the 26 counties. Let’s not have the stupidity of the SDLP faithful who still think that Sinn Féin suffered a huge defeat in May despite the fact that, unlike the SDLP, SF actually increased their numbers of MPs and councillors.

  • Mark

    Going beyond the immediate election, surely this can only harm SF’s prospects in future European elections? Why would anyone vote to send a party to Strasbourg that clearly isn’t willing to give any serious commitment to the Parliament? Even Kilroy-Silk is on record as saying he is against the EU but will devote his time to his job as an MEP to ensure legislation is as favourable to the UK as possible (in his eyes at least).

  • George

    Mary Lou is SF’s southern flagship, the “new face of SF” and if she doesn’t get in, it will have serious repurcussions for the party this side of the border.

    Kehoe lost by just 70 odd votes in the last election and will rightly feel he deserved another chance. But I assume he’s a bit rough around the edges for the apparatchiks.

    Instead, Mary Lou is being sent in to try put a middle-class, friendly face on the party in Dublin.

    If she loses, it’s proof the policy isn’t washing so where does it go from there.

    Also, this is not Northern Ireland and SF isn’t up against the SDLP. It’s up against a host of parties as hungry for power as it is. Finance Minister Cowen is spending 48 billion in the country this year and there are a lot of interests.

    There is a limit to the number of seats you can win as a party that nobody will work with. I put that limit at 15.

    Of course their vote will go up because they are going to run in more constituencies and the protest/disenfranchised vote limit hasn’t been reached.

    They’ll also get more TDs with the likes of Doherty in Donegal.

    But don’t underestimate the damage McDonald not getting elected will do to the party south of the border. They are taking a risk they didn’t need to take.

  • Baluba

    Nonsense Georgie boy. All she needs to do is do well for it to bolster SF hope for further gain. No-one expects her to just waltz in and take the seat.

    Although I hope she will.

    Ádh mór ML.

  • George

    I would accept that if she was running for the first time in another constituency, where it could reasonably be argued that she was building up her local base.

    But that does not wash in Dublin Central, where the base is already there and SF missed out on a seat by a handful of votes last time out.

    That is why I think they are taking an unnecessary risk, which if she loses, won’t go down well with the party workers there and will put doubts over where the party is going south of the border.

  • George

    If she wins comfortably, then it’s a different matter. SF can trumpet it as evidence that the party has to move more and more to the centre and leave the links to the IRA behind.

  • Geopge is right!

    S.F. is taking a risk they need not take. The second F.F. seat is weak and for the taking by Nicky Kehoe if he has the support from Head Office. That is the problem – Nicky has not being using the Sinn Fein name. Anytime I have seen him pictured he is simply refered to as Nicky Kehoe, Sinn Fein is never mentioned. Obviously things are not cosy between Nicky and his supporters and the leadership.
    Sinn Fein no doubt feels that Mary Lou did so well in the european elections that she will do the same as general election. The situation is not the same. If Mary Lou does’nr win this seat it will be a real blow to S.F.

  • Mickhall

    I have a lot of problems with parachuting anyone into constituencies, although I can see why the SF leadership are keen to have Ms McDonald in the Dail as she has a clean skin. But it does show complete contempt towards the electorate that sent her to the European Parliament, I wonder how they will respond to the SF candidate sent out to replace her in the by election if she gets into the Dail. SF claim much of their success is due to the hard work they do in the constituencies, which is true. Mr Kehoe is a prime example of such hard work. Yet for him it seems it was out with the old in with the new. Surly radical politics if it worth a candle is all about sending local people to the Dail and thus by so doing empowering the whole community. In this case SF have simply replicated what most of the other Parties do. Nothing new or radical there then. It also sends out a message to every opportunistic carpet bagger that there may be a home for them within SF.


  • Butterknife

    Could some one inform me if councillors in the Republic have more, less or the same power as their peers in Northern Ireland?

  • George

    I too have problems with parachuting. And SF should also have problems with it. They have been successful because, up to now, they have acted differently to the other parties on the ground.

    Also, I don’t think the people who voted Kehoe will all transfer to McDonald. She is a different animal from a different part of the Dublin zoo.

    There is no guarantee that middle-class people in the constituency will vote for her.

    Especially, as you point out, that the woman has given them the two fingers after they voted her into the European parliament.

    This could lead to a backlash against SF in Dublin Central from its previously loyal voters and a backlash against McDonald from those who gave her the benefit of the doubt last year.

    This could have a knock-on effect in other constituencies and adversely affect the party in Dublin as a whole.

    A lot of potential pitfalls just so the party can get somebody from the south that they can put in front of the TV cameras.

  • Butterknike,
    Not been an expert on the power of councillors in the North, I can only speak of the situation in the South. Councillors here have NO power. All power rests with county managers. The reason for this is quite simple. They cannot be trusted. After the planning scandals of the 70’s/80’s power was removed from them and they are now reduced to a talking shop.
    The only reason anyone goes for the job as councillor is to made a name for themself and use it to go for the Dail election.

  • Insider

    In a Euro election the vote is a party vote more than others. I can not see any Sinn Fein voters being upset that Mary Lou will be a TD rather than an MEP. Her replacement Councillor Killian Forde is a high profile Dublin councillor, an emerging talent in the party and very able to articulate and fight for the city. As for Nicky being pushed – thats 100% false.

  • “As for Nicky being pushed – thats 100% false”

    Correct Insider

    The Dublin Cúige was not influenced by leadership. Any talk of Nicky running as an independent is crap!

    He is not involved in politics for personal benefits; he is a committed Republican activist who has given most of his adult life to the Republican cause. He is not about to cut tail and run for the sake of a Dáil seat.

    This nonsense about the aftermath of Mary Lou failing to win the seat and its ramifications for Sinn Féin in the South is just that, nonsense!

    Sinn Féin is a lot bigger than just Mary Lou and anyone who thinks the party will stagnate if she fails to win the seat really need to wake up to reality and stop wishing that their scenario was reality. Sinn Féin is the fastest growing party in this country and its 3rd largest. We have heard all of these arguments in relation to the North from stoops.

    They have been proved false in the North and if that unlikely scenario (Mary Lou not winning) happens in the South it will be proved false there as well

    She is an excellent worker and elected representative and I wish her well, I think she will do very well indeed

  • Brian Boru

    Butterknife, Southern councillors are probably more powerful, in that they control planning applications and can re-zone land as industrial etc. Their decisions can be appealed to An Bord Pleanála though. SF likely will take a seat in this consituency because Nicky Kehoe came within around 100 votes last time and FF are much less popular this time.

  • The Lush

    Either way Mary Lou is Sexy, I would not mind her comming into my house to debate.

  • George

    firstly, the southern electorate is completely different to the northern one. They have a much broader choice than up north when it comes to looking to get their voices heard etc. It isn’t tribal. So your stoops comparisons don’t hold up.

    Also, if SF are never going to get their hands on the reins of power, they won’t be able to do anything. The majority of people in Dublin who vote SF aren’t lifers to the party and could just as easily move elsewhere. They don’t have any area headcounts to keep them in line.

    I said it was a slim possibility and a risk that SF don’t need to take. She hasn’t been selected yet, as far as I know. She has to go to the party on December 1.

    Has Kehoe stepped aside or will he be going up for selection too? Do you know. If he isn’t stepping aside, maybe you can explain to me why it seems a foregone conclusion that she’ll win the nomination ahead of him?

    I think SF are taking undue risks in their efforts to get someone palatable to middle Ireland into the Dail.

    P.S. I haven’t seen Mitchell McLaughlin on television once since he lost to Durkan. Will he be given another chance or is his goose cooked too?

  • Chris,
    If Sinn Fein is a lot bigger than just Mary Lou why is she the only one ever choosen to stand beside Gerry or Martin in photographs? When is the last time you saw Christy burke or Nicky Kehoe in a photo with either? Why was she choosen to run for Europe after only a few months in the party, why not someone like Nicky who has been there for years?
    She is a former Fianna Fail member for God’s sake. I don’t like her at all. Chris, you’re a young man who obviously fancies her, well I don’t.

  • George

    don’t bother answering Kehoe question, I hear he is actually proposing McDonald.

  • George you answered your own question 😉

    John Burns

    “Chris, you’re a young man who obviously fancies her, well I don’t.”

    What utter trip!!

    My support and respect for Mary Lou has got nothing to do with her looks, she is an excellent representative and a genuinely nice person.

    Please grow up

  • should read

    “What utter tripe!!”

    Not trip 😉

  • JD

    Nicky Kehoe has let be known for quite sometime that he did not want to stand again for the Dail and is fully supportive of Mary Lou’s candidacy hence his willingness to propose her at the selection convention.

    George, I think you are fishing for sniff of a split that is not there.

    Mary Lou McDonald being put forward is much more to do with Sinn Fein party policy of putting female candidates in winnable seats than any conspiracy theories about the Leadership and middleclass votes.

  • George

    I know. I got impatient. There’s no point speculating on why Kehoe won’t run so I won’t ask that either.

    But to the other questions. As an SF man, do you not think they are taking undue risks in their efforts to get someone palatable to middle Ireland into the Dail?

    If she fails, (slim as I admitted at the beginning) it will look very bad for the party.

    After all, this is a person already being touted as the next party leader if she cuts the mustard in Leinster House.

    Gerry has been around a long time. Time for a change and all that. We’re not living in China.

    What happened to McLaughlin?

  • George,
    Do you really think Nicky is doing so of his own free will? This is a man who has worked for years and years without any publicity or farfare
    for the real people of Dublin central. Not the new middle-class who bought up all the little houses and made the area too expensive for native born to live in. Of course it has to look as if Nicky is behind her, otherwise he would be regarded as hostile.
    Just because someone is loyal to party does’nt mean they should not have dreams of success for themselves. Where did Nicky’s devotion to Sinn Fein get him? Where is the thanks he gets for all the work he has done in the bad old days when all he got on the doorstops was abuse?
    Its easy for people like Mary Lou to come along and skip their way to the top by flashing their teeth and twirling theit curls. As soon as something better comes along they will be gone.

  • Dublin Shinner

    I must say, hetting him to stand up and propose her at the selection convention is a particularly nice touch – right out of the Jo Stalin Book of Public Relations.

    Nicky Kehoe should run as an Independent and damn little goody two-shoes McDonald all the way back to Brussels.

  • George

    I don’t know if he did it of his own free will for personal reasons or the greater good of the party or whatever.

    But one thing I do know is that we’ll never know so I’m not arsed asking.

    Another thing I know is that the SF vote in Dublin isn’t as cut and dried in the south as Chris likes to think and you can’t just stick McDonald into Dublin Central and expect an immediate transfer of previous SF voters to her.

    For that reason, I think it would have been better, from their point of view, to put the party’s only southern shining light somewhere else.

    If in 2007 the people are determined to get FF out of power, not beyond the bounds of possibility, then you could see a lot of voters, who might even like SF, deciding to x Labour, Greens and FG ahead of them to ensure a change of government.

    I will place 50 euros with any SF man that SF will not be in government in 2007 and this is just one potential banana skin. If I was the party’s advisor, I would have told her to sit tight and wait for the subsequent Dail elections.

  • Welll said Dublin Shinner!

    My thoughts exactly. Can’t stand Princess Tippy Toes!

  • “As an SF man, do you not think they are taking undue risks in their efforts to get someone palatable to middle Ireland into the Dail?”

    No, as JD said it is about putting female canditates into winnable seats.

    As far as I am concerned if two canditates are in the arena, a man and a woman and both are equally talented then the man steps aside every time.

    I am not suggesting that this occured in this instance but we have a gender equality directive supported and mandated by the Ard Fheis. No Cúige or Ard Chomhairle is above that equality directive.

    We do not just play lip service to gender equality we implement it.

    “this is a person already being touted as the next party leader if she cuts the mustard in Leinster House.”

    In my opinion Conor Murphy will be the next party leader but that will not be for a long time yet.

  • realitycheck

    “My support and respect for Mary Lou has got nothing to do with her looks, she is an excellent representative and a genuinely nice person. ”

    Now thats utter tripe, I met the woman and she was not at all pleasant to me…well actually, she gave me a tight lipped smile which turned into a sneer when she was told I was a unionist. Then she trounced off with her nose in the air.

    In fact, thinking about it, she is very Fianna Fail!

  • Impartial Observer

    Was she not Brian Cowen’s election agent at one time?

  • Impartial Observer


    “Conor Murphy”? – you’re letting your South Armagh bias get the better of you old bean! Sure he can hardly string two sentences together! Take away Adams, McGuinness and Gerry Kelly and Sinn Fein is surprisingly devoid of real media/PR talent.

  • She’s a cold fish, her eyes are dead in her head!
    I sincerely suggest she probably detests most Sinn Fein voters. Not her type of people at all. Young Chris, you probable go to Uni so she would regard you as her equal. Most S.F. voters leave school before 16 yrs. and she would have nothing in common with them.

  • seabhac siulach

    “Most S.F. voters leave school before 16 yrs. and she would have nothing in common with them.”

    That would be something like 25% of the 6 county population and 10% of the 26 county one…

    Never knew there were so many early school leavers in the country!!

  • George

    a split in a republican party, who heard of such a thing?

    I just think SF have taken a risk with McDonald in Dublin Central and put it down to the lack of middle-class friendly candidates, ones you can wheel out on telly without scaring the masses.

    The masses are still scared out of their wits of SF. Sunday Independent poll at the weekend said just 4% wanted FF to go into coalition with SF.

    Chris can talk about women candidates all he likes, they wouldn’t be asking Pearse Doherty to step aside. No decent women in Donegal? No, just no potential seat winners.

    They are looking to soften the image south of the border, where Gerry Adams is now jaded, a spent force.

    A switch has been turned with him in the last 12 months with the southern electorate.

    There has been a real and noticeable cooling. He won’t win any votes for SF by canvassing in 2007 in Dublin, he would probably lose some if he is too high profile.

    That’s where McDonald steps in I assume to put a face to the SF presence in the capital.

    As I said, this might be an election too soon for her and she could be a victim of many things, including tactical voting. This is a Dail election, not Europe.

    Ursula Halligan, host of The Political Party, called her “Scary Mary” a couple of days ago. A long way from “Provo Spice”.

  • Yeah and 25% of the population of the republic are illiterate. Thats the offical figures. Sinn Fein itself claims to be the party of the dispossessed and poor and what is wrong with being a school leaver at 16? I did and went for a trade. My point was that Mary Lou being a toff would have nothing to do with people like me and she can’t hide it.

    Maybe I should have said in the South most people who vote Sinn Fein left school at 16. I’m sure in the North they are all like young Chris and go to college but here in the South
    it is a different situation.
    Don’t be so quick with the smart remark!

  • “Now thats utter tripe, I met the woman and she was not at all pleasant to me”

    It is not tripe; I have never found her anything other than pleasant.

    Perhaps you should look at yourself, how did you react with her?

    “you’re letting your South Armagh bias get the better of you old bean! Sure he can hardly string two sentences together!”

    Not true, that is the view of many people around the country. That said nobody will know the answer for a long time yet.

    “I sincerely suggest she probably detests most Sinn Fein voters”

    What utter crap!

    What evidence do you have to support this ridiculous claim?

    “Young Chris, you probable go to Uni so she would regard you as her equal”

    Yet more crap!

    When I first met her she didn’t have a clue what I did and that was during an election when we were going around a housing estate in South Armagh, which I live in and which she was made aware of. I may be at University but I am still working-class and I have a working class ethos as does the party which she knew about when she joined.

    What ever prejudices you have are your own business.

    “Most S.F. voters leave school before 16 yrs”

    You have no way of knowing that and just because you attend third level education does not make you middle-class or snobbish.

    “I’m sure in the North they are all like young Chris and go to college but here in the South it is a different situation.”

    No they are not but your point is irrelevant!

  • Mickhall

    My support and respect for Mary Lou has got nothing to do with her looks, she is an excellent representative and a genuinely nice person.

    Posted by Chris Gaskin


    How can you say she is a good representative, she has only been in the job for a matter of months, and she is looking for greener pastures, hardly something which will instill confidence in her future constituents one would think. Whether she is doing this on her own initiative or on the leaderships orders, it is not the behavior of a decent representative. In any case it is far to soon to make such a judgement after such a short time as a parliamentarian.

    As to your argument that if their is a SF man or woman standing for a candidacy, then the man should stand aside. Well experience has taught me otherwise. Look at the British LP who had this argument sold to them. What they ended up with was a shed load of middle class women who almost to a woman supported Tony Blair as if on auto speak and incidentally few of them had any links with the constituencies they ended up representing. I agree with George, Mary Lou would have been better to have stayed in the EU parliament until at least the next ROI general election. She may end up as a fine politician,who knows but she has got to prove herself to both her constituents and the Party and to do this she needs to get some dirt under her finger nails..

    all the best.

  • George

    any views on Gerry being a hindrance to attracting votes south of the border in 2007?

    I can only ask 😉

  • anon

    I was talking to a few people from Dublin at the weekend who said that, from a Dublin perspective, they would see Mary Lou as the obvious next leader. She has the profile in the Republic and brings a fresh image. Conor Murphy would not be as media friendly in this sense and crucially they said it makes sense that the leader would be in the Dail as a TD – where all the power of coalition forming lies.

  • I did meet Mary Lou, we did’nt shake hands or anything, I was at a shopping centre she visited. She was surrounded by eager party workers who she treated with the upmost distain. Nothing was good enough for her. It was obvious that she wished she could be miles away and the whole thing was a boring exercise.
    If I were a Sinn Fein voter I would not wanted to be represented by someone like her but by a genuine working class grafter who lived the philosophy he preached. Not someone who goes home to their Castleknock mansion every night.

  • bigwhitedove

    The bottom line is, that the Republican leadership are piss poor at change management other wise this thread would have no posts, Mary Lou is a good decent hard working republican and so is Nicky Kehoe,Mary Lou would be an excellent TD and Nicky an excellent local Councillor, it is about recognising the skills required for each job and making the judgement on who meets the criteria, neither should feel aggrieved as each role is crucial and they are complimentary, but republicans being republicans dont show this style of leadership leaving one (Nicky) feeling shafted, he will probably retire from public life post convention, which is a shame and a loss to the struggle

  • Impartial Observer

    Can anyone confirm that “Well hello Mary Lou – Goodbye jobs!” was BIFFO’s election agent at a time?

  • DerryTerry

    Mary Lou is attractive, articulate and she ate my hamster. Damn that women and damn them Shinners for their hamster eating activities.

  • mark

    So after the rant about poor contributions Mick and the Slugger mods yet again fail to register abusive posts when they are directed at a member of Sinn Féin.

    Hypocrisy? Incompetence? Bias?

    Who cares.

    It happens time and time again and puts Mick’s previous rant about contribution standards into perspective.

  • Mark

    In fairness Mick did remove CopperFacedJack’s comment, he just re-posted it.

    “Mick and the Slugger mods”

    I think the slugger mods are a thing of the past after the new system was introduced.

    Mick can’t be expected to keep up with every single comment, he has to post new threads as well.

    He also has a life as well!

  • Brian

    Mary Lou wil be elected. Dessie Ellis will take a seat in Dublin North East as will Dathai Dolan in Dub South east. Meanwhile Larry O’ Toole is a shoo in in Dublin. Thus, SF will increase its Dáil representation in Dublin by three. There are also seats in Meath, Wexford, Cork North Central, two in Donegal, Waterford and a plethora of other opportunities in a many constituencies for Irish Republicans. Expect SF to end up with 15 seats in the next election. And ya know what, Irish Republicans would never enter a coalition with FF quislings or pro-partitionists in FG and Labour. As for the pee dees? Come the new Ireland, they will disappear or merge with Unionist filth.

  • bootman

    Just to correct Brian; Dessie Ellis will win in Dublin North West, Larry O’Toole in Dublin North East. Mary Lou in Dublin Central;not sure about Doolan though

  • factual

    The balance of power in SF will shift to the Dail after the 2007 election. Mary Lou will be well positioned. Already national chairperson, she is positioned to lead the party in the Dail.

    Obviously there is still a position for Gerry Adams as party president for the time being. But remember he is already the oldest leader of all the parties in the Dail. And the new leader will be from the ranks of Dail TDs. Probably Mary Lou.

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    Mark, women in politics have been a target, regardless of their politics. I won’t stand for it, regardless of who the target is.

    For the time being, because of difficulties of running in the new software, it is not possible to have the mods back in.

    I don’t have enough hours in the day to watch every thread all of the time. In which, case I am heavily relying on people like yourself to let me know when it is happening.

  • Brian

    ‘Factual’, perhaps you are right. Given that reunification is inevitable thanks to the IRA (and INLA), now Sinn Féin is prepared to become the largest party in Ireland. In the 26 cos SF will certainly win at least 15 seats next time around. Meanwhile it will continue to grow in occupied Ireland, possibly becoming the largest party in the zone after the next election. The inexorable growth of a party that genuinley cares for its constituents and is in essence the only All-Ireland party is a blessing. As for Gerry Adams? His role in Irish politics will continue for at least another decade and then he will be ready to become the first president of a reunified Ireland.

  • DK


    And then the sun will shine down, all the prods will start speaking gaelic and shamrocks will sprout out of Windsor Park.

    Just continuing the daydream to it’s logical conclusion….

  • martin

    The only way Mc Donald could win a seat would be if kehoe did not want to stand again himself and publicly endorsed her–if would be a foolish move to shaft N.K in order to win middle class votes by putting her forward–N.K came within 78 votes of defeating Aherns running mate–he would win a seat easily–if he is shafted many SF supporters in the area will not vote for mary lou and any middle class votes she might gain will not make up for the loss of traditional support.Ive often wondered lately what is going on between the bearded ones ears.

  • Brian

    In response to my post DK says, “And then the sun will shine down, all the prods will start speaking gaelic and shamrocks will sprout out of Windsor Park.”. Well I wonder what it’s got to do with “prods”. Do ya think that you are representative of protestans throughout the world? As for Windsor Park? Occupied Ireland is not a country ergo it should not be included in any soccer internationals. Moreover, they can’t play for shit, kinda akin to Orange supremacists….useless and delusional. But we have had enough of your type in Ireland, its time for you to go before you get shoved.

  • Brian

    Martin, I know Mr. Kehoe. He favours Mary Lou’s nomination, so there goes your argument….out the window.

  • martin

    Do you admit that my argument would stand if Mr Kehoe did not relinquish standing as a candidate of his own choice and free will.

  • jerryp

    Is Keithm being sarcastic when he puts the word “slim” in the same sentence as Mary Lou