42! Now what’s the question?

Not content with beating up on Ireland at rugby last week *ahem*, the Kiwis are taking a swipe at the next island in with the latest viral ad for 42Below vodka from New Zealand [who knew?- Ed]. It’s an ad the guys at Langerland would be proud of. At the First Post, Patrick Collister considers what would happen to him if he tried a similar approach, he suspects it would end in the Tower – the ad should load automatically.. or you can go here for a better look. NB may not be safe for work.. if anyone’s still working that is.. Look out for the last in the list of exported girl bands. heh.

  • Lafcadio

    it is a moderately amusing ad.. although frankly I’m suprised that there were enough people left in New Zealand to make it, as most of them seem to have moved to.. well… Britain! To work in bars.

  • The Lush

    I have loads of questions if anyone cares to air there views…

    Why is New Zealand so Good at rugby ?

    What structure have they got that makes them so good ?

    The Ulster player who was accused of a drugs offense was it not dope as Hash/Grass. This surely would give his opposition an advantage. Sure If he is smoking this would effect his ability to get out of bed and go to the match rather than boosting his performance.

    Now Eddie O’Sullivan, in the Irish Times letters page last week somebody pointed out that Warren Gartland got the boot after Ireland lost to New Zealand by in and around the same margin as we lost the last day. What does that say ?
    Also i noticed on an RTE interview that he was very matter of fact about the defeat. He came across as “sure it was not that bad could have been worse” attitude.

    Now a political question 🙂 In the North is Rugby broken down on religious lines ?
    Is the Ulster council impartial as in are all nine county’s represented equaily. Has there ever been a President of the Ulster Council from the Southern Ulster Counties ?

    Now Connacht, why are they weaker than the other three provinces ?

    Thanks, they are all my rugby Questions. Mixes everything Sport and Politics’s.

  • Lafcadio

    In New Zealand rugby is almost literally the only game in town, everyone and everyone plays it as soon as they can walk, competition from rugby league and football is very limited compared to other nations – compare for example Ireland (admittedly an extreme case) where rugby is the fourth sport in terms of participation, after gaelic football, football and hurling.

    It is a national obsession, like football in Italy – I’ve never been to NZ, but friends who have say that in the parks and on the beaches, where over here people would be kicking around a football, there are just loads of people chucking around rugby balls; here in London I have a lot of Kiwi mates, and any time during the summer we headed to Hyde Park, the English guys brought footballs, the Kiwis brought rugby balls – and chucking balls around, in school and out, from a young age leads to a level of instinctive skill that we simply don’t have – here many rugby players touched a ball for the first time aged 11 or 12 when they started grammar school – to see the out-working of this, have a look at their matches against Wales and Ireland, where they made us look amateurish and shambling by comparison.

    As well as this, rugby is well-structured, with strong provincial set-ups feeding the Super 12, actually now Super 14 teams, and world-class physical conditioning and fitness training turning raw talented players into the kind of awesome athletes that we have seen recently.

    And also, since Graham Henry, their coach, returned home a couple of years back, my understanding is that he engaged in talks with the Kiwi super 14 teams with a view to changing the type of play in the competition – it had evolved into a kind of high-scoring, non-stop running game, disparagingly referred to as “basketball” by northern hemisphere pundits at the time, with the breakdown turning into a loose, poorly-contested formality, and less emphasis given to the uglier tight forward grunt-work to the advantage of this all-action 15 man running game – the result was scorelines like 54-35, and games that were easy on the eye , but it fed through to international teams that were increasingly ill-equipped to play England and France with their tough tight packs.

    As well as that, NZ are at the minute simply blessed with a one in a hundred crop of outstanding players – England ran them relatively close today (I didn’t see the match because I was watching wretched Ireland) but frankly Henry could have picked any 15 out of the touring party, and they would still have beaten England.

    Another reason, and a very important one, for their success is in their heads – you correctly touch on EOS’s attutude, and frankly Ireland were beaten before we even went onto the pitch. In the run-up, Geordan Murphy was talking on the BBC website about how awesome the Blacks were, and how we would struggle to beat them – which is true, but when you have members of the team that is going to be playing them saying things like that, you know you’re on a hiding to nothing. The ABs have the kind of confidence and self-assurance that only comes with expecting to win each match they play – and they always believe they can win their next match, even in times (relatively recently even) when their form and team wasn’t as strong; their history, rather than hanging heavy on them, has given them a wonderful expectation of victory, and exceedingly high standards to aspire to; and I envy this, as an Irish fan, more than any individual, or the coaching set-up, or club system, because we are still trying to shake off our appalling acceptance of mediocrity, this willingness to say “ah they’re just better than us”, this willingness to have a bit of craic and a few pints no matter what the score is (whoops I’m starting to rant here I’ll stop)

    Your other questions – rugby is not broken down along religious lines in Ulster, and the Ulster Branch represents all nine counties.

    Connacht is the weakest province simply because it is the least-populous province, with the smallest support base, and has had fewer resources devoted to it in the professional era, having been designated as a “development” club.

  • barnshee

    Why is New Zealand so Good at rugby ?

    WEll take out the soth sea islanders and they are not quite so hot

    Ireland should import the better players from neighbouring countries (eg England, France ??) and then become a “world force” in rugby
    New Zealand so Good at rugby ? Ba humbug