Too much hot air?

Spotted by Hugh. After yesterday’s coverage, by G2, of the new commentariat, Guardian readers’ today give their verdict.. well the letters page editor selects three examples and adds a suitably dismissive heading.. perhaps strangely, neither the GNewsBlog, nor the GTechnologyBlog didn’t.. blog it that is. ANYway, the actual article was the 4th most read article on the Guardian website on Thursday.And, like Hugh, I’ll also note the letter by Dr Flewers –

One key feature of internet discussion is just how much of it consists of ignorant and intemperate saloon-bar ranting, as each blogger and respondent rambles on as if he (and it usually is a he) is an expert on the subject and that anyone else’s views count for nothing. The weblog phenomenon has done very little to raise the tone of political debate and plenty to lower it.

Dr Paul Flewers
King’s College London