Other parties running scared of Sinn Fein

Danny Morrison believes that a lot of the treatment of Sinn Fein is based on a number of false premises and argues there was no ‘collusion’ between Sinn Fein and the British government on the framing of the OTR legislation. He also takes the taoiseach to task for what he terms as Ahern’s hypocritical stance in ruling Sinn Fein out of government.

Ahern’s position is contradictory and hypocritical. He says that stability and prosperity in the North requires Sinn Féin to be in coalition government but stability and prosperity in the South requires Sinn Féin not to be in coalition government! His approach is no different from how the DUP on councils such as Lisburn or Ballymena treats the elected representatives of the nationalist community – banished to opposition forever.

He concludes:

That the attacks on Sinn Féin have intensified since the IRA put all of its weapons beyond use and declared the armed struggle over shows how much the parties fear the rise of republicanism across Ireland.