Other parties running scared of Sinn Fein

Danny Morrison believes that a lot of the treatment of Sinn Fein is based on a number of false premises and argues there was no ‘collusion’ between Sinn Fein and the British government on the framing of the OTR legislation. He also takes the taoiseach to task for what he terms as Ahern’s hypocritical stance in ruling Sinn Fein out of government.

Ahern’s position is contradictory and hypocritical. He says that stability and prosperity in the North requires Sinn Féin to be in coalition government but stability and prosperity in the South requires Sinn Féin not to be in coalition government! His approach is no different from how the DUP on councils such as Lisburn or Ballymena treats the elected representatives of the nationalist community – banished to opposition forever.

He concludes:

That the attacks on Sinn Féin have intensified since the IRA put all of its weapons beyond use and declared the armed struggle over shows how much the parties fear the rise of republicanism across Ireland.

  • Zorro

    The SDLP are on record as saying that they believe any OTR process should be time limited for six months to a year. This, in a moderate midlle-of-the-road kind a way, seems the most sensible way forward. In that way those who have been responsible for the hundreds of unsolved murders have some incentive to come forward and give their victims closure. If there is no time limit, surely people who have committed murders would know that they could afford to sit back, say nothing and wait to see if they are in danger of ever being charged, knowing full well that if they are they will not go to prison. No time limit would show total contempt for victims’ interests. This is a clear example of SF looking after itself. Danny Morrison has only succeeded in getting the next best thing to an amnesty for criminals in the security forces, but hey, the Bhoys will be O.K. right!?!

  • Fraggle

    Bertie isn’t being hypocritical at all.

    Government in the south is a serious business where decisions and actions have effects and mistakes have consequences. The rubbish Sinn Fein have for economic policies would destroy the economy.

    Devolved government in the north is meaningless in comparison as all the meaningful decisions are taken in westminster.

  • Oakleaf

    Danny Morrison is 100% correct when he points out that the SDLP opposition to the OTR is political opportunism at its best. In the 1970’s in Derry it was an open secret that the SDLP could facilitate anyone, who found themselves on the run, to return home. They had a special relationship with a RUC Commander in Derry. In the 1980’s a now very senior SDLP Member in Derry had a similar relationship with the local RUC Special Branch and he used this to get people he knew who found themselves on the run to return home. The quid pro quo for the RUC was for those returning to provide information on their activities and anyone who they had been active with. In both cases the SDLP had no concern for victims or anyone else for that matter.

    In politics as in any walk of life its always good to have a look over ones shoulder before jumping in.

  • Under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, Sinn Féin have a right to a certain number of ministries in the Northern Executive. It’s an agreed mandatory coalition.

    In the Republic it’s different. It’s a voluntary coalition situation, so Sinn Féin have no greater or lesser “right” to be in government than any other party. Bertie is ruling them out as potential coalition partners with FF because of their economic policies and their euroscepticism, the same way as he would probably rule out coalition with the Socialist Party or the Greens.

  • Mickhall

    Government in the south is a serious business where decisions and actions have effects and mistakes have consequences. The rubbish Sinn Fein have for economic policies would destroy the economy.

    Posted by Fraggle

    Just because you say something does not make it so, if you disagree with SFs economic policies point out why. If you feel economics as practiced by the rest of the political parties north and south is such a success, pray tell me why the gap between rich and economically poor has widened with all the consequences for a fair and equitable nation. why ordinary folk who PAYE their tax, pay their fair share of the tax burden, but multi nationals get loop-holes from the government and the wealthy employ tax dodging accountants and solicitors.

    Just because neo-liberal economics is the current norm has little to do with its effectiveness and everything to do with the fact we live in a society in which those with the sharpest elbows push themselves to the front of the trough, more often than not treading upon people to get their snouts within it.


  • Fraggle

    I don’t actually have to prove it. It’s Berties opinion and that’s what counts. Whether he is right or wrong has little to do with it – the accusation is that Bertie is a hypocrit.

    It’s a fact that the southern administration would have more control over the economy than a northern administration has over the economy of the north.

    In Bertie’s opinion, SF’s economic policies are bad so it makes perfect sense to exclude them from government on that basis in the south. In the north, they would have little control over the economy so having them in government would not be an economic problem.

    Therefore, Bertie’s comment were perfectly consistant and he is not a hypocrit (in this particular case).

  • Henry94

    I remember Fianna Fail describing as a “core value” of the party the principle of not going in to coalition with anybody. Right up to the day they did.