Hurricane sent to punish gays?

It doesn’t really get any better for the DUP. In remarks made to the Ballymena Guardian, DUP councillor Maurice Mills excoriated the media for not calling attention to the fact the hurricane struck just two days prior to a gay festival (which has been going for some 35 years) called the Southern Decadence Festival. The councillor asked “surely this is a warning to nations where such wickedness is increasingly promoted and practised”. He goes on to (highly inaccurately) put the blame for the spread of Aids in Africa on homosexual sex practices. Not sure what to add to that except perhaps to repeat the words of Alisdair McDonnell:

“I sometimes think that it is one of the great ironies of Northern Ireland that the phrase “Respect for Diversity” probably appears in print here more often than in any other part of the world. But where else in the world is the concept of diversity and so well understood but less practised?”

Thanks to Andrew Muir for the heads up.

  • Brian Boru

    The only human behaviour involved regarding Katrina is Global Warming. Religion is outdated imho.

  • Brian Brou

    The only human behaviour involved regarding Katrina is Global Warming.

    There is about as much evidence for your claim as there is for the DUPs

  • cynical

    so by this reasoning, a hurricane should be shortly headed to Tandragee to sort out that Paul Berry one….

  • The conclusion one has to draw from Mills’s suggestion that the hurricane was “a warning to nations where such wickedness is increasingly promoted and practised”, is pretty bonkers…

    Namely, that God (allegedly a perfect, omniscient being) has nothing better to do with ‘His’ time than mainpulate weather systems to punish fun-loving homosexuals.

    I was under the impression that this was a God of ‘love’ and compassion…but I guess such thoughts are a bit too “New Testament” for the likes of Mr. Mills.

  • steve48

    Given that Ballymena is the drugs capital of Northern Ireland what can they expect earthquake, volcano or is it punishment enough to have the rants of the DUP loony right.

  • If this guy was your councillor, wouldn’t you be very scared,i know i would? Although he is but the latest in a line of Eminems- Maurice Mills- to spout of about gays, probably artistic license, or maybe he feels the need to compensate for being named Maurice.
    Btw anyone heard anything from the radical cleric, who said the Tsunami was sent to wipe out western depravity on thai beaches, about the devastating earthquake in Pakistan, the land of the pure?

  • Keith M

    I can only imagine the fate that awaits San Francisco! And what were those people i Kasmir up to?

    The is ludicrous nonsense not worthy of further comment and only serves to show how out of touch with reality some people are.

  • Jo

    Utter rubbish, which is undeserving of respect, but apparently not undeserving of votes!

    Holding such views would crucially compromise my ability to vote such people into office and I find it difficult to understand how some presumably otherwise sensible people can disregard such gaga beliefs when casting their vote…

    However, we may expect some posters to urge us to “read our Bibles”, which at best is a poor substitute for argument and a distraction from productive blogging time!

  • Very hard not to play the man on this one …

  • Maurice’s middle name is Turtle. How many jokes can we get out of that?

  • Conor

    Sure remember Paisleys pathetic jibe at Brian Cowen T.D. He slagged off his lips. The DUP are pathetic.

  • Animus

    What have gays done to deserve Maurice Mills? Must be bad!

  • Sounds like Mills would be right at home attending Westboro Baptist Church.

    Don’t know about them? Look at

  • You can hardly accuse those boys of being subtle or evasive…

    The URL leaves little to the imagination.

  • stu


    Thank you for your worthwhile, on-topic, ball-playing contribution.

    As for Mr Mills, all I can say is that he’s doing a pretty good job of hanging himself, rope or not. Isn’t suicide a Biblical sin too?

  • smcgiff

    God supports the smoking ban in Northern Ireland. You heard it here first folks!

  • Brian Boru

    There’s no proof that God exists anyway. Even if he does, is he worthy of worship if he treats innocent human beings in the way indicated by Katrina, the tsunami, and the Jews in Nazi Germany?

  • ch in texas

    BB, I think the term is theodicy, which is the study of how a good God allows bad things to happen to His children. It does bother me, but most of our problems are of our own doing. Even Katrina. We chose to build a city below sea level with crappy dikes.

  • Conor

    Have you all never heard of Darwin? His theories throw the whole ‘God’ thing straight out the window. Get real folks.

  • ch in texas

    Darwin??? Was that one of Noahs sons?? 🙂

  • Jo

    wow the GHF site is utterly insane.

  • “ch in Texas: We chose to build a city below sea level with crappy dikes”

    Ah come on now…

    It’s a bit rich to be having a go at ‘dikes’ in a thread like this!;)

  • stu


    ‘Have you all never heard of Darwin? His theories throw the whole ‘God’ thing straight out the window. Get real folks.’

    Perhaps you’d care to elaborate. I’m no Christian, but I’m calling bullshit on that.

  • ch in texas

    fustar, At least i didn’t say we tried to stop the flooding by putting fingers in dikes! We’ll leave that to the Dutch……..

  • Colm

    Well I’m very dissapointed that nobody has yet seen fit to come on here and validate the ‘truth’ of Mr Mills phrophetic statement .

  • Jo

    I have it on good authority (Madonna) that Kabbalah reconciles science and religion.

    Well, she said it, so it must be true. She did after all say “music turns the bourgeoisie into rebels” 🙂

  • Glyn

    Darwin has absolutely nothing to say about the origin of the universe, Conor. Evolution is all about what happened after life began, not about the origin of life itself.

    Which is why you can be a devout Christian and believe in evolution (unless you’re on a Kansas schoolboard apparently).

  • smcgiff

    ‘Which is why you can be a devout Christian and believe in evolution’

    Tsk, supermarket Christians. You’re not going to tell me that the Old Testament isn’t the literal truth! 😉

  • Emily

    Something tells me if the Big Dude can just say “let there be light”…and there is, he’s probably in command of more subtle ways to punish the human race for homosexuality than hurricanes. I imagine He could have all gay people drop dead at the snap of his fingers if He so desired.

    But it’s still nice to know that American loons don’t have the market on this kind of thinking cornered.

  • aquifer

    We don’t have hurricanes. So God is telling gays to come over here and kiss those sad DUP guys all over.

  • Conor McG

    Sodomites are damned to the eternal fires of hell. So are people who eat shrimp and prawns, according to the Old Testament

  • IJP

    If such people go to Heaven, it’d make you think twice about whether you’d want to!

    For God so loved us all (including minorities under Section 75), that he gave his only begotten son…

  • Butterknife

    Makes you wonder tho. If the BNP had made similair claims we would have just said that is typical for them but its the DUP….
    Who is worse?

  • Ringo

    Or maybe, God sent ‘Them Gays’ to punish the DUP for their wickeness?

  • Elizabeth Landry

    Perhaps someone should point out to this individual that the festival he spoke of (Southern Decadence) is held in the French Quarter, which, by the way, is where many of New Orleans’ gay citizens make their home. The French Quarter was untouched by Hurricane Katrina. It is back in business. The areas that were devastated were largely middle class and poor neighborhoods populated by families and the elderly, both black and white. If God was out to get New Orleans gays, looks like he would have wiped out the French Quarter, doesn’t it? Is Mr. Mills saying God took a swipe and missed? Perhaps someone should tell Mr. Mills that while Cafe Lafitte in Exile, the oldest gay bar in the US, continues to stand untouched in the French Quarter, every church in the flood ravaged neighborhood of Lakeview has been destroyed. How is this evidence of God’s vengeance on gays??? The truth is there is absolutely no evidence to support the outrageous opinion expressed by Mr. Mills. As a New Orleans flood victim, I am thoroughly offended.

  • Colm


    It isn’t even worth being offended. Such idiocy as that expressed by Mr Mills isn’t even worthy of seriously debating. Anyone who genuinely believes such nonsense cannot be reasoned with anyway.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Darwin does not preclude theism, unless you’re in the loony Christian right.


    I think God sent the DUP as a punishment on Northern Ireland for Give my head Peace having such high viewing figures.
    And Christ only knows what we did to deserve the shinners.

  • lib2016

    What makes you think you deserve the Shinners? Maybe you just got lucky!

  • Jo


    You are quite right to be offended and most of us are sorry for your trouble. However it would seem that his right to offend (in the name of free speech) is more important than the feelings of people like yourselves who have to suffer Gods rather clumsy method of dealing with people that He created and whom bigots, such as Mr Mills, detest. The most appropriate form of response is ridicule, not votes.

  • You’re not worthy to know

    It may be futile to try and save you homosexual drug-addicted suicide-cultists by calling you to repentence, but at least we have the satisfaction of seeing you get what you deserve for rebelling against righteousness.

  • Jo

    who are the “we” may one ask?

    Anyone gaining *satisfaction* from seeing people die in New Orleans would seem to be excluded from any reasonable definition of Christian?

    But then I suppose you’re born again or some such imaginary thing? Repulsive creature.

  • Reminds me of a letter in the Telegraph once
    “We all know what went on in Sodam, but what did they get up to in Gommorow?”

    Sorry I’m crap at spelling. I use to think that the second place sounded like an Ulster place name.

  • SlugFest


    “I use to think that the second place sounded like an Ulster place name.”

    Begorrah Gomorrah … sounds ’bout right. 😉

  • Slug

    I think it’s somewhere in Tyrone – and they better watch out 😉

  • slugger fan

    Here, did anyone hear Maurice Mills ‘engaging’ directly with Ballymena Council Shinner Monica Digney on the Stephen Nolan show this morning- even asking her questions??

    Does this mean that big Ian will be throwing him out of the DUP as he promised post 03 Election???

    Having said that I think Digney overstepped the mark when she said that Mills should be ‘taken out’ by his party!

    If I were Francie Molloy I would be worried…